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Thread: Character Crisis

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    Originally posted by Sheffy

    Haha, no!

    I haven't played him in uh, 6+ months. Hate him.

    I do however have a lvl 100 NT which I just recently started. He should be able to team with you (and not get totally screwed xp-wise ) soon enough
    A level 100 NT you JUST RECENTLY STARTED? Hmm I'm glad you didn't lose any time there powerleveler
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    Re: Character Crisis

    Originally posted by Strieder
    Hey, this probably sounds pretty noobish, but here goes

    I started AO a little over a month ago, and im loving it. My current main is a level 80 Fixer, which has been my favorite character since i started him on Jan 2nd.

    My problem is, i want to make a new character =) I want someone that is: fun, inclined to teaming (i dont solo), strong/useful, and maybe (though not necessary) able to PVP.

    I cant choose a profession though, all the choices seem relatively fun, but i cant choose.

    Can you guys post your favorite profession and reasons? What should i play? =)
    Fixers are SICK easy to play. Get GA on him and it will be AO on easy mode.

    Engi's/MP's/Crats : Don't do it until they drastically fix pet pathing.

    Docs : Sick easy to get teams who will BEG you to be with them. Rather expensive to play also (uses lots of nano).

    NT's: Great damage not alot of hitpoints.. (hehe)

    Enforcers: Havent played em - But I heard they are tons of fun.

    Agents: Havent played em

    Traders: Great PVP good calms and good ability to make fast cash because of the trader shop bonuses on items you sell to the machine. (40%?)

    ADV's : Havent played em
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