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Thread: The Skulls - now taking applicants

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    The Skulls - now taking applicants

    We are interested in good people who are honest and trustworthy. You should love playing AO as well!

    We are ready to begin building towers for the Notum Wars Booster pack. If you are interested in trying something new and you are tired of the norm, send us a tell and get ready for some fun.

    Good online friends and a great game... what more could you ask for??

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    Level 56NT Ready To Join!

    I'm a level 56NT that got killed so much I left the game for several months out of flustration. Notum Wars got me back in, but I have the same frequent death problem.

    If your guild can help me get past this while having fun with Towers, too, then I'd love to join your new organization. I will be on tonight, after 6pm EST.

    /tell Rocketjack or reply to this post to set up a meeting. I'm eager to learn and to serve the guild. Let me know how I can help!



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    Great Rocketjack!

    Good folk like you are the types we are looking for!

    We are a small guild atm but we have great asperations! We will be glad add you to our org and help you out with any problems that we can.

    I'll hit you tonight in game after 8 pm cst!

    Come one come all! We need good people!

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