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Thread: Mission terminals and clock.

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    Lightbulb Mission terminals and clock.


    I got a suggestion for getting rid of the tedious and repetetive process of getting the mission one wants at a mission term.

    When one has set the sliders to the settings one wants, make a "Apply as default settings" button in the Mission dialog box and store the values on the players computer.

    This way when one gets a new mission, one hasn't got to slide those sliders again, but it would load automatically the settings the player wants.

    I'm getting a bit annoyed when this feature is not available, as I play missions that use the same settings which are best for my char.

    My second suggestion is, why can't the clock show the system time too, instead of only Rubi-Ka time? (I don't really care what time it is on Rubi-Ka anyhow) Wouldn't it be easy just to make it selectable by let's say a left mousebutton click on the clock box. It's so freakin' annoying to have to an icon for a macro which displays the /played info in the shortcut bar when all I want is the current local time.

    Well that's all for now...

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    Man, Your just to darn lazy..!
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    Play in winwoded mode and iconize to look up time.

    Or ... buy a watch.
    Or ... use the clock included in your micro-wave/Hi-Fi/thermostat/...

    Bump for mission settings though.
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