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Thread: Refocusing the Community work

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    Originally posted by Cz
    Kasimir, time difference depends a bit on where you are. I'm 6 hours ahead of EST.

    More ARK mods is always an option, but it wouldn't really solve the time issue. Volunteers need follow-up too, and training, and as I said earlier, some things we can't hand over to them anyway.

    Not sure what you mean with "impact on the game world". I'm not in a position to do changes myself, only make sure to bring feedback to the devs. And now, I'm sure, more and better feedback (both ways).
    I stand corrected. I'm still learning to tell time in my own time zone much less anyone elses..let's see big hand's on the..anyway...

    There's also the option of self-moderation, or little-to-no moderation on forums not directly pertaining to game concerns (basically the one's you're going to axe). Roleplay seems to get along without anyone babysitting it, ditto for social and most of the others. Unless there's a LOT of behind-the-scenes work going on in those forums to keep things from getting hairy, I've never really seen a real problem in them. Once or twice something, but a once-a-week sweep can deal with that I think. Am I making broad sweeping generalizations about thigns I probably know little to nothing about here? Yes. But am I completely wrong?

    As for impact on the game understanding is these forums are being hatcheted in order to give you more time to deal with those labeled as "important", thus making it easier for you to handle issues pertained within them, thus making it easier to imporve the standard of gaming for the community. Do I understand this correctly? It's just my feeling that that time really isn't going to change much, and that deleting these forums might just be a waste. But then, that's just my opinion..that and 20 bucks will get me another much of AO-crack
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    Originally posted by Cz

    Jellobiafra, note that not all concerns brought up will be through weekly questions. We will stick around on the fan site forums too (we already do), and chit cat, take notes, and throw out a clue or a leak or an explanation here and there, sometimes a lot more.
    Well, then maybe the better move would have been to stop visiting those sites and sticking to the OFFICIAL FORUMS. Yeah, I know, you can't win for losin'
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    The forums have been a great source of catharsis and entertainment for me.

    Even if you don't respond to a complaint, I still feel as if I have gone to the source and spoken my piece. I am not so unrealistic as to EXPECT responses to each and every one of my whimsical fumes. Without your forum, there would be no AO today.


    Please leave the OFF-TOPIC Forum, this is where I like to hang out and discuss topics with people from all over the world. A unique opportunity which adds to the game, but requires no effort on your part.

    In addition, this forum can be almost MODERATOR free. Since topics don't relate to the game, you don't have to read the threads.

    If a thread becomes offensive, we can contact you using the "report to moderator" tab. Hopefully, that would be a rare occurance.

    To be honest, I sometimes enjoy a colorful exchange in this forum to playing the game.

    Why don't you give this a try.

    EDIT: moved by moderator from the middle of an argument
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    </rant on>

    This is pretty much the next to the last straw for me.

    AO has kept me in its sway for months now for one major reason: Roleplaying. Okay, no big surprise, lots of people can say that. Coming back last year and finally finding good RP after 6 years of MMORPGing was like discovering "gold in them thar hills."

    Life was great, Roleplaying flowed like wine, antagonists and protagonists bounced the ball into one another's court with glee. Rivals fought, lovers danced, soldiers gave their lives for <insert here>.

    Then, like some perverse flower, the petals began to fall. One by one, little things, really. Slowly they'd pile up on one another, more and more, the flower wilting. New blooms came and went, but still, that one flower continued to decay.

    Another petal falls.

    It's disheartening enough to see the boards, one of the most impressive, professionally run boards based on a MMORPG, being slashed into very little, but I personally find it insulting that the Roleplaying board was not listed as one that would remain. An indirect slap in the face to this hurting community in an attempt to better the community? Slightly ironic. But most of all, disappointing.

    </rant off>

    What now? We scatter to other boards like lost animals in need of a new watering hole? Wonder constantly what's going on at the other boards? The beauty of this forum, right here, this Roleplaying forum, is it has.. or had, the feel of an official lounge. A supported lounge where "anybody who's anybody" would at least visit from time to time to see what's going on in the RP world of Rubi-Ka. The familiarity with one another here, I dare say, is irrepleacable... and as much as I hate to see it ripped apart and scattered.. I do at least think, it's salvageable.

    If the board goes.. what's our plan of attack?

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    Plan of attack? I don't believe there will be one. As you quite rightly said, as this forum closes what's left of our bruised, battered, and depleted RP community will scatter to the four winds, these I believe being RPCentral, the RP forums on AO Stratics and AO Vault (ack, IGN, nooo), and some will basically go nowhere.

    Ultimately, the end result of this is going to be to kill off the larger offworld RP community, and make the onworld community that much harder to "live" within. There will be a lot of confusion, a lot of "who are you" conversations when people would otherwise known from 'watching the gridnews' (reading the forum), and an awful lot of "I never heard of you, bite me" conversations.

    Oh, and buh-bye to the press releases issued on this forum when Funcom doesn't approve for release on the main site.

    Our part of AO, the best part, the maturest part, the role-playing part, as it's life hangs in the balance could really of used a hand pulling it back up and onto it's feet with some strong STORY content from the MMORPG that used to bill itself as different, with it's 4 year storyline.

    But no, instead we get this kick in the face, here, at the end.

    No bang. Just whimper. And a lone bell tolling the game's descent into PvP and level-mill junkidom from hell.

    Bah. /flip

    Plan of attack? I've not been shy to talk about it of late. This latest turn of events does nothing to improve that situation.

    Sorry Nina, but I couldn't be positive about this.

    Seeya around everyone.

    (in a galaxy far far away...

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    Ok...I am REALLY pissed off right now.

    Seriously. Words cannot EXPLAIN how pissed off I am; I want to hurt something really badly.

    Funcom, when you nerfed half the planet, when you were silent about fixing Baboons for almost a year. While communities of various professions fell to the ground around us, the RP community mainly stayed strong. We stood by you, gave you our $13 every month (or, in some cases, $26) and now you screw ALL of us over.

    I know tons of people who would have been jumping at the bait to do community service and moderate some boards for free game time. But no, instead of taking the obvious way out, you slapped us all in the face and said "No, bad, go RP somewhere else because the constantly-leaving PvP community is SO much more important."

    All I can say is, you guys really screwed up this time. You're deleting ALL of my favorite boards, actually. According to the article, World of Rubi-Ka and Suggestions are going bye-bye, too. And if RP is going, I can bet 50k credits that the Social forum is going too, only proving that Funcom does not care about anything except these two things: a) Keeping the 12-year-old whining PvPers happy at the expense of everyone else and b) Your monthly $13.

    Seeing as they nerfed the Suggestions forum, it also proves that they never really cared about what we had to say; they were just keeping us happy and letting us pretend they did care.

    No, I'm not leaving yet, but I'm REALLY close to doing so.

    Thanks, Funcom.

    Thanks for nothing.

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    These three roleplayers provide more actual CONTENT to these forums via the roleplay forum than any of the 100 thousand "my class is gimped because it doesn't have X and Y like <class> does" threads. Anything posted by any one of these individuals is worth reading.

    And these are the people you want sites like Stratics and IGN handling? These people are the meat (well maybe since the RP crowd has been like the red heade step child in this game more the mustard than the meat) in this sandwich, but Funcom somehow feels that they are a waste of bandwidth and administration time.....when all the Professionals forums are are "Whineplay" boards where everyones crying "Nerf everyone but me! So I kin be TEH UB3R!".

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    Here is what I think..

    I think I cant get into the game like I'd like to and to keep up with the RP I use the forums. Seeing as that is going..

    This account was cancelled at:
    2003-01-20 21:05:13

    Not going to pay for a game I never use.
    Nice knowing ya FC.
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    Noooooo Thyme....
    Last edited by Sid Scheer; Jan 20th, 2003 at 22:14:07.

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    Kasimir, almost on the forum part. We don't remove some to focus on others. The topics of the forums we close are just as important as those we keep open. But the topics of those we keep open are more important to have on our forum, mostly for newcomers.

    After the changes, I expect to spend time mostly on reading the Beginners' Corner on our forums, and everything else on external bulletin boards.

    The Professionals will point me to important issues on the profession forums, so I won't have to cover them much of the time. Tech is handled by Customer Service, and the test server forum is handled by QA.

    The rest of my (increased) reading time (i.e. feedback gathering time) will be spent on the same type of forums as the ones we close, but on other bulletin boards, where I won't have to concern myself with moderation and administration. When my dealing with moderation stops at clicking the report button, it's a lot easier to get through it all.

    And I hope to find both the large groups we have on these forums, and smaller groups that rarely come to the surface here. I also expect people to point me to hot threads, and the fan site people to base the concerns they bring to us on what is being discussed on their forums.

    Jellobiafra, I think you missed my entire point of spending time on external forums taking less time, and still allowing the gathering of more feedback.

    hobbes, I read it the forst time. I've already said that leaving any forum more or less unmoderated is not an option. Not all people use (for some reason) the report link. And moderation doesn't stop there either. If we consider leaving more forums, I'm afraid the off topic one is not the strongest candidate.

    Sid Scheer, you're not very constructive, you ask people to spam my inbox, and now you start quoting posts from another forum which I have already said I have read. Please, calm down a bit now. You're not helping anybody with that.

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    Are you people nuts? This is the heart of a large portion of the community that helps to hold a MMORPG together!

    You're shooting yourself in the foot. Please reconsider.
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    But perhaps understandable....

    I dislike the idea since it removes FC`s responsibility to its customers. Not totally, but a little further away.
    It also gives the distinct impression that FC doesnt have the resources anymore to run the service it started, that makes me uncomfortable....

    Good luck Cz

    and a whole litter of bearcubs ...

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    Re: Here is what I think..

    Originally posted by Thyme
    I think I cant get into the game like I'd like to and to keep up with the RP I use the forums. Seeing as that is going..

    This account was cancelled at:
    2003-01-20 21:05:13

    Not going to pay for a game I never use.
    Nice knowing ya FC.
    And that's the first time that I'm not annoyed by someone telling us they've cancelled.

    Someone said it earlier in this thread: we feel like we're losing a home. I really believe you're underestimating the impact these changes will have on the game, no matter how good your intentions. You say you want to improve communication... Well, good luck communicating when there's no one listening.
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    Originally posted by Cz

    Jellobiafra, I think you missed my entire point of spending time on external forums taking less time, and still allowing the gathering of more feedback.
    Actually, I didn't. I know exactly what you are trying to get across to us. Unfortunately, it doesn't matter. It's obvious that the great majority (minus only the two fan site admins and one or two others from omni-pol (meisters guild)) of FC's paying customers is fanatically against this. Here is someting. Why don't you create a poll to go along with this thread. See the numbers. Learn. You won't I'm sure. But I personally would like to see the number of people who actually think this is a great idea. Or even a good idea. Or even something that could be somewhat refered to as an 'idea'.
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    Sid Scheer, you're not very constructive, you ask people to spam my inbox, and now you start quoting posts from another forum which I have already said I have read. Please, calm down a bit now. You're not helping anybody with that.
    I asked the RP community to express its dissatisfaction with this decision. I provided your email which is readily availible in your signature. We call it trying to make you see our point of view. Or standing up for something you believe is a core part of the game community. You did not make this decision alone I am sure...but you are our only point of contact. If you have someone higher up in the Customer Service part of this company you work for that would rather field the complaints, we'd be more than happy to send the email to him.

    I quoted those posts because those are 3 people that do more with your game than a whole busload of your PvP pirates that are screaming for the last class that killed them to be nerfed.

    I have presented quite a few rational points which you have pointedly ignored. And you have only commented on meaningless bits of what I have said, while studiously avoiding any of my more pointed questions in favor of fully debating the situation with people that are far more irrational and sarcastic towards you and Funcom than I am.

    This is a horrible decision. And its unfortunate that your stuck in the "Abashi" position when Funcom has decided to do it...because your the one that will be associated with the negative image it creates, no matter all the hard work you've done before.

    But won't matter anyways. Because you won't have to hear about it. Not your job to moderate IGN's or Stratics' boards.

    I'm sad, Funcom's decision is chasing off the only people I want to know in this game.

    And you want me to be constructive about it. Ugh.

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    Jellobiafra, of course such a poll would vote for not doing any changes. A poll about making the game free would get a majority too. So would a poll about implementing all top 100 suggestions within the next week.

    Would that make it doable? No.

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    The game is going to be FREE!?!?


    My wife will love me again!

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    ((The IC only RP forum is back. Bliqz is an Omni Extremist, and his posts IN THAT FORUM reflect that attitude. I can be reached by PM if you feel I have personaly offended you, and I will be happy to change/temper my post. Thank you, and have fun!))

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    Originally posted by Cz

    Lesentia, I'm fully capable of reading normal sized letters. I've read lots on the RP forum already, and already have some of the spam mails somebody were nice enough to ask people there to send me.
    Sorry about the font size, but I'm still outraged at the whole mess.
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    Sid Scheer, I won't have to hear about it? I still get e-mails, and - for the 1000th time (not to you), I feel - I will be reading. More than now.

    And "providing my e-mail address" came with that "please send him an e-mail with this topic in all caps" request, so I'd say that's a bit more than having my e-mail readily available in the signature.


    Lesentia, that's ok. I understand that very well. I just wanted to point it out before others started doing the same.

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    Originally posted by Rosethorn

    We do have ads on the website to be able to provide the content/boards, you are right. Spamming with ads doesn't seem like a correct definition though. Almost all websites on the web have ads of some form.
    These forums don't
    All the ducks are swimming in the water

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    Originally posted by Ravegrrl

    These forums don't
    No, they don't, because they have other avenues of revenue. IGN doesn't make games.

    Sid Scheer, I tried to PM you, but it looks like you don't have PM's turned on. I'd like to talk to you.

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    Getting late here, so I'll jump to bed. Been a long day, and I guess I have a few e-mails to go through when I get to work. Take care, everybody. I'll see you tomorrow.

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    My apologies then. The intentions of the post were to attempt to get you to try to keep the RP forum.

    I'll delete the post so its no longer an issue if its causing you problems.

    Doesn't mean I won't stop arguing the point here til the 22nd though, and trying everything else I can think of to keep the best part of the AO Community on the official forums.

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