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Thread: Refocusing the Community work

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    Re: Of course...

    Originally posted by Jaxx
    Of course this was going to happen..
    Cz is one of the few remaining employees this company has working for them-- so they continue to nerf and scale back. Of course Funcom is on the verge of bankruptcy, and SWG and Many other MMORPG's are on the verge of release, so dont blame him, just feel sorry for him that he hasn't found a job at a company with a future yet.
    And feel sorry for yourselves if you care about forums when you are too stupid to quit whining and just quit the game-- it is dead, no balance, no high end game, no community, and no future, embrace the death of the piece of crap that AO is and has always been--- all the lies, nerfs and endless bugs will end even sooner if you stop throwing your money at them, you can make a difference.
    See you in a better world.
    (at least the smart ones)
    So many choices of little desire to do so

    So just where do you get your insider information on Funcom's financial status? I'd hate to think SOE/Verant was on the verge of bankruptcy when they shut down their forums for EQ completely.

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    Re: Re: Of course...

    Originally posted by Kuroshio
    So many choices of little desire to do so
    LOL i love that sentence.
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    lol poor CZ, he wont live it down =)

    best bet is just to say it now, get it over with =)
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    So basically all forms of interaction with FC are going to be destroyed except for the newbies, the people with technical issues (at least they're keeping that), and the professions. Hooray for FC. Great way to avoid all of the gameplay balance, Notum Wars, and high end game issues. Think I'll be leaving soon.


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    Originally posted by Nichola
    So basically all forms of interaction with FC are going to be destroyed except for the newbies, the people with technical issues (at least they're keeping that), and the professions. Hooray for FC. Great way to avoid all of the gameplay balance, Notum Wars, and high end game issues. Think I'll be leaving soon.

    Hey, I agree this move sucks. But I won't feign ignorance. As much as we love these forums, I pretty certain they're reach a much smaller percentage of the people playing AO than people think. There are people ingame that don't even know these forums exist. Not to mention that there are people on forums at some of the fansites suggested that wouldn't come to these forums even to escape a Flash banner of Britanny Spears singing polkas.

    And who are we kidding? Cz's email addy is public knowledge (it's only in his signature for goodness sakes). Funcom can't escape the issues. Some people (like Jaxx) will go out of their way to make sure of that (come one. Taking a free trial just to troll a board?)
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    The first faults are theirs that commit them, the second theirs that permit them. - Unknown

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    For once I am speechless. Well, not really but I think the echoing silence over Rubi ka will send a clearer message.
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    I will come right out and say that no matter what forums get deleted, or stay, Not only will I not register on any fan site, I wont even read them, i dont now, and i wont start.

    I pay my $12.95 a month to play a game and be supported by that company. I already get over 300 spam messages a week, the only people that get my e-mail anymore are personal friends, and companies that I am paying money to.

    Not to mention the poor server preformance that will occur once the sites start getting major trafic (or maybe not)

    No offense to any of the fan site owners, but Its a poor buisness model, and a poor customer service program. Funcom closing the majority of the official forums is just cutting off most of the player base from all the people like me, and the profesionals, who might just stop comming back to the boards once there is nothing to read.

    I wont be going to share information, or help out new players on fan sites. Thats what I call MORE WORK FOR ME!

    Yeah, I have enough problems as it is, let alone keeping track of which fansite is more popular that week.

    Whatever, GL to all the people out there.

    *starts a fansite to take peoples money*

    p.s. I refuse to even goto nuggets soldier site because it has popup ads, and spyware installers.

    heh, forget this.... whatever
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    Originally posted by Kuroshio
    Personally I'd recommend Funcom find a bunch of people with experience in being "Board Nazis", as they're so colorfully called, and turn them loose to trim back the useless information so the nuggets Funcom is looking for is easier to find.
    i volunteer to be a 'board nazi' while i'm doing my regular board browsing. i've wished i had that power several times already.

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    No one wants to see amy of the boards which are gathered on and have met other players shut down, myself included. You form a community and even seeing posts by others whose names you recognize aids if feeling a part of the game/board.

    That said, some people need to stop going after fansites that are out there and embrace every single one of them. They are each what keeps this game going with articles, help, guides, databases of information, and places where you can talk to each other. Every site has helped to bring in new players. Has helped to bring some of your friends and fellow org members into this game.

    If you can keep what is going on and announced here with board closures out of it. The more fansites the better. Putting down either fansites, or other boards does nothing but hurt the game and other communities boards which are now reaching out to you with a hand in friendship.

    I can only speak now about the one that I know and love the best - AO Vault boards. It is where I went after all the forums were shut down that dark day after 12.6. I could not talk here anymore then but I was able to go there and meet others who enjoyed the game. A place where we could share our frustrations and our accomplishments in the game.

    I have heard many comments about the AO Vault boards which are totally inaccurate. I know this as I have modded there longer than anyone else, for almost a year now. When I started it was 1/2 a page of posts, each one containing flame after flame against the game and why people left it. Since that time it has grown in size and has brought literally hundreds of new players to the game.

    Beaker who is the creator of Helpbot has calls it his home. Silirrion, who runs the AOZone fansite has been a a regular there for a long time as well. That should tell you as well just how good the boards are there. The boards are owned by IGN but the mods Solo, Lialyn, Nevver, and myself are all players. It's a hidden gem and one that we are all inviting you into.

    I am not an employee of IGN, none of the mods are. We do it for the love of the game. I am plugging the AO Vault boards so that our community. both here and there, can have more friends to talk with about the game. When someone goes after the AO Vault boards there they are completely clueless or are trying to compare it to other Vault boards there that are literal flamefests.

    The AO Vault boards are not like that at all.

    Anyone who visits the boards and will take the time to look at them can realize that community is strong and is a place to talk with others about different aspects of the game. I am very proud of the boards there. I know them intimately and it's a fantastic place to hangout. Just take some time and look around.

    As an example, just check out the following links and I think you will see what players have built up for other players on the Vault boards.

    AO Links

    Anarchy Online News - Upcoming player events

    FAQ board - Encyclopedia of answers to commonly asked questions.

    General Forum - modded by players for other players

    The choice is completely yours now what you want to do. Maybe you will choose what I did after 12.6 and say forget it here and head off to the Vault, AO-Basher, maybe Stratics or another board or maybe you will just go to the official boards for all your topics.

    Friends are waiting for me there so I will crawl off this topic now and see what's up there. I hope you will do the same. For those that have found the AO Vault boards they know what a very special place it is and it will be staying that way as long as I am there. If you want to flame other people that definitely is not the right board for you. If you want to hang out with other players who know the game, each other and are friends, our hand is extended to you.

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    That's about the only response I can come up with. I would say I can't believe this is happening, but then again, this is Funcom we're talking about.

    This is the company that wanted to increase the duration of pvp fights and thus nerfed crits, but at the same time introduced several extremely powerful weapons, items that were whole orders of magnitude beyond anything in the game at the time.

    This is the company that offered a different avenue to character development with a complex set of skills and abilities for each character, and then totally threw most of the importance of the skill system out the window by introducing level restrictions on all the new items introduced in the past several content patches.

    This is the same company that promised an interactive 4-year story with actual player interaction in said story, then gets rid of the guy who quite literally "wrote the book" on the story.

    This is the same company that promised (on the box!) that you would have alternate means of advancing your character than combat, but as of a year and a half into launch still has a very broken, borked and unimplemented tradeskill system and then investigates/scrutinizes anyone who dares to try to use this system as a means to advance.

    This is the same company that promised "we're not gonna be EQ in space" but each patch introduces more static spawns, phat lewt, and camping.

    So is it any surprise that they would attempt to rationalize this by saying that shutting down one board, and forcing us to go to several to get the same information, will actually INCREASE their amount of interaction/communication with the playerbase? If they can't handle reading one, they really expect us to believe they'll be able to read...3? 4? I'll not be registering for any fan-sites, thats for sure. From what I've seen they range from outdated and uninformative to downright biased and bad. I can't believe its too much to ask for the parent company to have an official set of forums for the players to read and exchange ideas. I've certainly learned more about how to play AO from the forums than I ever did from the (ROFL) manual.

    I could go on and on about this, but what's the point? This is another in a seemingly-endless list of boneheaded decisions that I think can all be traced back to one fundamental issue--no money. Somewhere upthread a person used the phrase "death from a thousand little cuts." I think that is a perfect analogy ; I still enjoy playing AO and I hope it isn't going anywhere, but my confidence in the long-term viability of Funcom is waning--if they can't afford to keep up these official forums due to personnel issues, that to me speaks of a company in dire financial straits.

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    Here FC, how bout we RP some. Here, I'll pretend like you care and point out a few issues.

    I am not going to start reading fansites. Not now, not later, not ever. I'm guessing I'm not the only one.

    Market forum= chance to interact with the dimension's entire population ... kinda usefull for attempts at trade and the establishment of a fair free market economy. You fools! if nothing else there should be an official market forum, i mean come on -drop this and start listing ebay as an official fansite alternative.

    PvP forum - I ignore the "nerf this/that" posts, and see this forum as a chance for the game's tightly knit group of pvpers to exchange information, discuss battles, tactics, game mechanics, and tattle on each other. Sure not as vital as the market forums but i'm certainly not going anywhere else for this opportunity... bah.

    This reminds me of the random arks in backyards - yes i realize you don't need to pay them but seeing that i couldnt help but wonder why you're standing in a backyard and telling morons how to upload nanos when you could be working on fixing crashes or reimbursing lost items (WOW MEANINGFUL IMPROVEMENT FOR ONCE GOOD JOB... btw i want my 192 freedom arm that disappeared 15 months ago back ok cool?)
    Oh my god its like a koala bear crapped a rainbow in my brain

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    This is an extremely cheap move FC. But of course, so is not replacing members of the team that's supposed to be your main communication with your customers, even though you've reached the most subscribers you've ever had.

    You're destroying a strong community that's developed on these forums.

    Cheap and stupid.
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    Just for reference, DAOC, AC and AC2 do not have any official forums. They are not closing all the forums, so FC is still ahead of those games. Maybe that will help put it into perspective.

    EDIT: I stand corrected on AC2, thanks Capacitor. (See post below).
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    Blackoutgrey: Asheron's Call 2 certainly DOES have official forums. I should know, I read them every now and then.

    If you go through their official site and click on Community, there is a link to the official game forums.

    I believe you're right about DAOC, however. No official forums, but their staff tends to be very active on community forums if I remember correctly.
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    When I think about it, it aint so bad actually. I won't really miss the Notum Wars/PvP forums as an example. There are what, 1 thread in 25 there that has some form of actual content? Next patch/game mechanics/suggestions are redundant, people post new ideas in all of those etc. This change cuts forum numbers to the core.

    The only thing I'm lacking is a common forum for larger game mechanics issues, things that aint profession specific. Where can you say that we need a reload button, or that the relation between attack ratings/evades are borked? Where can you discuss slow vs. fast weapons in general? There should be 1 forum for that imho, "game mechanics" or whatever you want to call it.
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    Originally posted by THEDEACON!
    Teh f.... nah.

    DaveDread, looking into that one.

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    Originally posted by Cz

    Teh f.... nah.
    Damn.. So close...
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    Originally posted by Cz

    Teh footness!.

    DaveDread, looking into that one.


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    Originally posted by Meister
    [B] We do not share user info (we dont have that much user info anyway) and if my personal statements are not enough for you, then i dont know what is.
    A Privacy policy from stratics, posted on their website stating such.


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