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Thread: Refocusing the Community work

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    Exclamation Refocusing the Community work

    After a thorough evaluation of our community work, where the wish to focus a lot more on the Anarchy Online community sites was at the core, we have decided to do some major changes to the Anarchy Online bulletin board.

    About half the forums will be closed on 22 January 2003, greatly reducing our time spent on administration and moderation, and making us able to focus the work elsewhere.
    Read the rest of the article, and feel free to post your comments and questions here.
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    pirates. with lasers.
    Are you having an argument on the internet, again?

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    forum nerf ... lol

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    ehehe good, i don't have the time to read 'em all anyway ... ,)
    tradeskillz ?

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    Just read that article and what I read between the lines is the following:

    It's too much work and trouble for us to keep all these boards going, we can't afford the manpower needed for this work, so we rather have the fan-sites do it, they do it for free.

    Bleh... .

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    Hmmm. I'm not sure exactly what to think about this. Sure, some of the forums could probably be lost and/or merged, but the current proposal seems rather drastic.

    I'd suggest, do as your proposing but:

    All the Future Anarchy forums be merged into one.

    Add a single Game Issues discussion forum in place of the other forums (excluding Beginner's Corner which your keeping) in the Game-Play section.

    These would act as more general forums for discussing the game both as-is and in terms of coming features.
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    My initial thoughts on this is that it's bad news.

    Anarchy Online operations has already suffered from a chaotic and unfocused storyline, and a lack of regular updates, and official events.
    Now they are no longer going to be supporting their forums (including the Storyline and RP forums).
    I hope they realize eventually that their responsibilites (and income) do not end when the AO install disks are bought of the shelves. To keep this game successful, they need to maintain good content month after month. So far they are heading in the complete opposite direction.

    Oh well, Now I'm going to have to go to dozens of sites, except for one to keep up to date on what might be happening in game. I supose this is good news for the three fansite that have lobbied for this change. For the rest of us, it's another disappointment.


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    Spacegipsy, that's one part of the equation, though I felt a more thorough explanation was called for. The fan sites also want people on their forums, but currently don't have that, due to everybody going here.

    Darkbane, based on numbers for a long time back, reducing the number of forums doesn't reduce the number of posts. It actually increases it, as people repost and bump an issue since it disappears even faster from the first page.

    And same number of posts means the same amount of time spend on administrating and moderating. Possibly even more time, as players get frustrated from seeing bumps and reposts all over.

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    Fair point Cz. I guess AO-Basher will be seeing more of me then
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    Blix, of course it's bad news. It's bad news to us too. But it's unfortunately needed. Sure, I could stop sending out news to the sites, being in IRC (which I have basically reduced to nothing already), answering e-mails and private messages, etc, to work 100% on the bulletin board, but I doubt that benefits the community at all.

    And while we of course support RP and story discussions, we can support them just as much on other boards as here, I'd say. And that goes for all the other things too; trade skills, PvP, etc.

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    I suggest hiring more people to work with you Cz.

    Will you try to take a closer look after that change to update more frequently in progress and envisionned part of the website ?
    Will you also try to check for upadtes to the timeline ?
    Will FC give more story, events ingame ?

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    Hope all works out and you can get more done through this know the feeling well, and its why I originally stepped down as president of the guild, then shut down the IRN as there is limits to what you can do, and you can't be in so many places at once no matter how many people ask you to be. Even more so with AO now facing its biggest threat now in the coming few months your resources and skills will be seriously tested. Hope you can make headway out of it
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    Stercoral, now you're touching on areas that I'm not directly involved in, and thus doesn't affect the bulletin board much.

    The In Progress page is updated when we have patch updates to give. The Envisioned page was removed, much because of the booster / expansion pack pages taking over that part.

    Updates on the timeline is story / web, and in-game events (at least the in-character ones) really isn't my area.

    While this gives me (and the volunteers working with me) more time to spend on gathering information on those issues, and pushing for improvements, we're probably not going to perform them ourselves.

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    A few things:-

    Make this an announcement (not everyone visits here), I'd hate to see how much flak you'd get from people whose forums suddenly became locked.

    When you do lock them make a sticky at the top of them suggesting some external sites (like putting a link to Anarchy Arcanum in the tradeskills forum).
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    Unfortunately theory and practise do not agree here. The last patch 14.8 went directly from nowhere to test server patch notes in forums, somewhere, nothing about it in "in progress" or "test server", sounds wrong to me, especially when the links are in the first page of AO official website, seen by all.

    In progress was last updated 22/11/02.

    I understand what you say, I was just suggesting it anyway. I feel it would be of great benefit to us all, almost all, as you are the guy we see (read).

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    SBExp, very good point. I'll do that right away.

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    Stercoral, I believe that was a small slip due to the guy updating the web site having left work before the test server was patched. It can happen sometimes when patching test-live on Fridays or during the weekend.

    I'll look into having QA get access to update those pages themselves.

    Oh, and I seem to have mixed In Progress and In Production. In Progress is likely going to be removed, as it is essentially replaced by the Notum Wars and Shadowlands pages (and later other boosters/expansions).

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    So what forums are actually going?

    next patch
    world of RK
    notum wars

    it that about it?

    Will anyone at FC monitor fan site boards?
    If so, sounds like more work
    If not, you don't want player feedback?

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    Is nerfing the rp forums just a continuation of nerfing rp in AO ?

    Sorry about the tone, but this just shows a total lack of respect and consideration for the small rp community you have left.

    Yes we can talk about rp on a fansite forum, but when the forum nerf happens, we'll all choose seperate forums to post on - making it much harder for us to post rp related stuff and co - ordinate storys that involve a lot of people.
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    I don't think this will pay off in the long run.

    As you know Cz the general playing population are often frustrated getting official feedback on issues as there just isn't enough people helping you do the work, surely this will now be compounded.

    What will probably happen now is you will get thousands of emails on the same subject ("It would be good if this happened or "this doesn't work" etc) rather than people coming here and looking for the official word for themselves.

    I like the 3rd party sites but if someone from there posted about an issue, as far as concerned it's just hearsay until I see it on this site from either an article or a posting from you.

    The only benefit that I can possibly think of is that the designers and developers etc will be free to post on these 3rd party sites, using their own opinion. I respect your position Cz but getting answers direct from the horses mouth is always preferable.
    Which, if they can't post we will be relegated to getting information 3rd hand at best.

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