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Thread: A definitive list of high level runners :)

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    A trader whining about runners? - /scratch - just courious

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    In a duel two ppl agreed on to fight till death its cowardish to run AND zone if u about to die. If u just run, heal up, come back and finish the fight then theres nothing wrong with that.

    /me remembers running around in tir while fighting enigmamonger waiting for burst and fling and nanoskills to recharge and then go back to him and do specials + MK for 15 minutes or so...
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    I remember a fixer in MMD who wanted to duel me "cause docs suck and im uber". After a few 1st degree burns and dots he ran, I ran, after a while he zoned and I got a /tell he won because he wasnt dead

    Oooh I found a post when i was lvl 118 and actively killing stuff in 2h0, where I met an agent saying i cheated cause I healed He ran also
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    Running is good, keeps your stamina trimmed, not depending which way you run, I often do a few laps around trade even, before breakfast, just to warm up to run away/after someone later in the day

    I dont duel, but I could tend to agree that if you enter a duel(foolishly or not), running is a bit tasteless

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    Hmm... I never thought of it that way. I think I will start running each day as well, that should help me keep fit. I'm starting to get a bit sedentary sitting around camping all the ph4t l3wt

    Seriously though...

    I remember this one time in Ent arena (I don't duel, but was there playing with some friends) when this clan fixer challenged me to a duel. He did a few points of damage, then I forced him to evac.

    Then he came back... and evaced again when I got him low.

    A third time he came back, and this time decided it would be fun to try and shoot me from outside the arena. I zoned out and chased him down. This time my dimach got him before he evaced Ahh, what I miss about 1hb, dead smurfs and fighting on full def. (Yes, the almighty EQB has a failing )

    I got a nice pinky and a manex for my trader from him. Mean? Yes. Deserved? Probably
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    I never run.

    It's because I'm always rooted.
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    i hate the people that run after getting shot once in mass PvP

    And running from Duels is sad....imo, i dont see the point in dueling in the first place

    But why hold back on not naming people? this board gonna be closed anyhow


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    Originally posted by Jakeaway
    Well, Sethil, run speed is nice, but a lvl 8 could cover the space between the arena and the nearest zone in the time it takes most of my nanos to recharge guess i should just leave my ncu free to chuck out a root as soon as im winning...

    ...and with that in mind, divests recharge slowest, so next time you see "Jakeaway forced your NCU to run Divest advanced" you better sart running, because there wont be another opportunity
    Im not scared of seeing 'Jakeaway forced your NCU to run Divest advanced' because that doesnt force my equippment to OE - Traders have a hard time to drain me to the full amount since I got high NR and play always at 10% def. I fight trader until plunder finally lands... and THEN there is absolutely NO point to stay for my death. Even with full Health at this time I would run, because I couldnt do anything to the trader - fully drained means: almost no damage, no ability to cast any nanos = dead Soldier if I stay. Its plain and simple stupidity if I would stay - sorry, but I would never agree in such kind of rules - NEVER.
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    Stop being so polite and name names peoples ;)

    I expect people to run away, hell if a trader drains me i take off too.

    One runner that surprised me though is Biznitchcan (don't recall how to spell the nt's name) I fought him in tir without drains and lost. He agrees to another fight - i run around and get some mp buffs so i can still heal after being crowned and meet him in mmd. We fight for a while and being much more defensive and still being able to heal i'm doing quite a bit better (btw if i'm not draining i'm guessing he can cast layers just as fast as i can use my gimpy trader heals). After 2 min Biz takes off running. Being alone in mmd i thought he was just letting his HOT heal him and he'd come back but no. After killing me in a duel without drains he straight Biznitches out and won't even stay for the rematch... Oh well - move that mort border just a bit farther away already.
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    Yea, he barely got away from me at a tower battle. Had him to 5% and he retreated into a sea of Omni. Not that I wouldn't have done the same if I were in his shoes, I just wanted his pvp points

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    In PVP I'm like a cow, safety in numbers. If I get separated I run...usually straight into an enforcer with a big stick or a an NT with a big nuke

    In the arena one should fight to the death, but in the incentive should be there too. I think FC should remove any danger to a persons PVP title in the arena. After all, what I do in the battlefield should not reflect on what I do in a combat pit or vice-versa.
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    In Arena if you agree to duel and it is fact a duel and none else jumps in, it is tasteless and cowardly to run. Lose like a man then.

    In PvP in general it is smart to run when odds for you dying get higher than odds for you killing your target.

    I actually run even if I knew I could kill someone but it would result my death too. Dying in tower wars and spending time to gather your gear, buffs and get back doesnt help your side at all.

    Someone could call my play style cowardly, I call it smart.

    I rarely get kill points myself but I am quite often the deciding factor that someone actually dies and is not able to run away and I am happy for that since I am not there for PvP points, I am there to help our side win.

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    Running isn't *that* healthy...

    Gridding is really better for your arteries !
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    Must I say LOL?

    Am I a "runner"? This is the most redicilous thing I've ever heard.
    I spend some time in the Tir Arena, that's true, and for those who know me I doubt they look upon me as a lamer runner. For one, I don't duel much, I'm there for testing etc.

    Sometimes I ask people if they want to duel me, and then I ALWAYS stay till either he or me dies. This is what I always do when I duel 1v1 in the arena, kind of a personal guideline.

    As for you, I can't remember you. Probably you ganked me, then I always run. If you're a trader or a doc then you MUST have ganked me, because I never duel traders or docs.

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    The conversation went something like this.

    You - "No, i wont duel you, but i might gank you"
    Me - "LoL, you couldtry...."

    Next thing i know i see "You were hit by Askim for minimum burst damage"

    Then the next thing that was said went something like this...

    You - "**** my gun is OE..."
    Me - "lol"

    It wasnt long after this that you decided to run, and if you cant remember what happened only a few days ago, then maybe you should put the crack pipe down
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    You see? It was more of a "gank", not a "duel".

    I do remember it now though. I attacked you for FUN, because I know that I cannot beat a tl 6 trader. It was for PURE fun and to test how easy your debuffs landed. I never thought you thought of a SOLDIER saying to a trader "I might gank you" seriously. I see now that you didn't understand the humor in this, and this is just a big misunderstanding.

    Jake, this is NOT very fair of you, calling me a "runner". I doubt that people think of me as a "runner". Ask Pegga for instance, he knows that I'm no runner, actually, I often fight people I KNOW I don't stand a chance against. You probably think I care about titles do you? ...

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