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Thread: Nanoformulas sorting

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    Nanoformulas sorting

    I have ALOT of nano programs in my nano inventory, more than I can or would fit on my quickbar. Its annoying when your lookin for the odd buff under PSI and have to scroll through hundreds of others, It would be nice to have them sort themselves after what type they are, or even better being able to sort the order yourself. And maybe have the ability to delete a nanoprogram, Im sure many of you uploaded those damn "boosted" expies when you were a noob. Just a modest suggestion.

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    As an agent, I can't do anything but applaud the suggestion.
    Like I've done on the countless occasions this issue has been brought up

    Here's to hoping this be the thread to make something happen
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    when soldiers start to complain about this, then something need to be done, as i thought they was the profesion with very few nanos.

    you should cry some for us agents too Gall

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    Thumbs up

    Oh dear god please do this

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    or.. erm how about a new tab:-




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    I would love some kind of arange option for nano programs, i am so disorganised.
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    yeah this idea would be great plus maybe sort you bags to that effect also

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    You CAN sort nanos in the folders.

    And put the one you don't want in "favorites".
    Yeah, I know, it is pretty *ss backward, but it works.

    Only problem : some part of sorting seems to be undone when reload the game. (Some nanos do not stay in "favorites")
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