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Thread: "Special mission"

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    "Special mission"

    I had the original concept for this idea in 2001 hehe and I still think its good so I am reposting it with some modifications.

    "The Special Mission"

    Senario: You're lumping through a mission, find the thing, describe it , blah blah blah.. (doesn't Omni-Tek know what a freakin application form looks like by now?)


    You happen upon a box, its locked.. you pick the lock..

    Inside is a small black electronic device labeled "Special Project"

    You right click the device and are informed "you have been given a new mission" a key also materializes in your inventory.. This key, however is nodrop, and your key duplicator doesn't seem to have an effect on it..

    Being curious you examine your "new" Mission briefing.. You learn that informants have pin pointed the location of a stockpile in one of the neutral cities. Go there and investigate. You are alotted 6 hours to complete this, and will be rewarded your level x 100 credits.

    Ok, now, you just HAVE to go right?

    So you find that the location is a store front in newland(or borealis or stret) you enter..

    Once you zone in, you get your reward credits and are informed that you may explore or leave.

    Should you choose to explore, here is what you find....

    several machines with items for sale including:

    Boss loot in varying random QL's 1-200,

    Tee Shirt machines that sell nodrop, unique shirts depicting the logos of various businesses of Rubika,

    And lastly, but not leastly, the appearance changing terminal from the old char gen.

    After exiting the "area" either by logging, or leaving, you are informed that you are now tagged an intruder and will be killed should you ever try to find the stockpile again. (game mechanics are you are now tagged "been there" and wont be allowed to upload the mission ever again)

    I think it would be very cool, very different, and would be a nice change from the norm.
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    Sorry, read twice but still didnt get the idea. What is all about? To get a boss loot from a vending machine? Cool (unique) T-shirt? What for? Sorry, i dont get it.

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