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Thread: Unfinished weapons - final quality?

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    Unfinished weapons - final quality?

    I have a Soft Pepper pistol sealed receptacle, Q79, which I want to turn into (ideally) a Q51 final pistol. I have seen mention that the final quality is mostly determined by the Nano Pylon quality. But I have seen several claims of ending up with a final weapon quality *lower* than the add-on part quality...
    So, my question for you experienced tradeskillers out there is, do I need a Q51 Nano Pylon, or somewhat higher to try to end up with a Q51 pistol? (Or as close as possible without going under Q51!)
    Thanks for any help you can provide!


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    The QL of the finished weapon is 100% dependent on the QL of the part.

    Thus, if you have a QL200 receptacle, hack it open (let's say it's a Pepper Pistol), and combine it with a QL51 nano-pylon, the final result is a QL51 Pepper Pistol.
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    Ok, thanks for the info.
    That seemed to make the most sense, but searching the boards found a couple of reports of the final quality ending up lower than the part quality... However, those reports were early ones right after the Sealed Weapons became available, so maybe it was changed at some point or else the reports were in error... ?

    Oh, also I'm assuming you can't combine an unfinished weapon with a *higher* quality part to get a higher-quality final product? I haven't seen this explicitly stated anywhere.

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    The QL of the final product is the QL of the lowest part you're combining.

    The only exception are Soft Pepper Pistols. They only go up to Q194 max even if you are using Q200 parts..

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