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Thread: Zaragoth, Immortal Ascension

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    Zaragoth, Immortal Ascension

    Heres the storie, after his bad behavior zaragoth got kicked from team.
    He run through mission pulled about 7-8 mobs and tried to kill team with them.
    Think all teammembers could escape, after that he told us he knows some arks, it is allowed try to kill a team with pulling lots of mobs on them.

    Ps.: Hm and i thought a ninja is worst what team could get!
    Send tells on Limpx, Zzapz, Chiarina, Lolitha the can tell u story too

    Mfg Sulvalis

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    That was a nice story Am i supposed to say something else? ok.. The thing is... when you learn to play as a teammate and support the others.. maybe i will stop running around trying to not die..


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