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    Wandering Ronin

    "Drunken Ex-Clanner Looking for Guild!"


    Never thought I'd be saying that. I must admit..things have changed. Especially for me to say this:

    I'm bored. Im Omni and I'm Solo. I'm also looking for a Guild. I coudl goto the few omni guilds I have had heavy Dealings with in the past, but I realized since I made a big change to goto omni (even if it was a accident), I figured i'd take a Fresh Start.

    If Any Omni Guilds, of decent size and Respectability (laughs) are looking for a Drunk old Ex Clanner to join them for Fun and Laughs...Give me a Tell ingame. Im not on as much as I used to, but im serious as to find a place to try to enjoy whats left of this now-joyless game. I can only bring my humor and ...heh...countles Experience and knowledge of the various Dark dealings with many of the other Guilds in Rubi-ka.

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    Hehe...didn't you become Omni 'cause you accidently "used" an Omni application form?
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    Come back to the Clans and join UoR.

    You'll fit right in
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    Bonefish puts up some posters around Rome and Omni-1.

    Dead or Alive
    Can be found masquerading as a drunken homeless street bum
    Approach with caution - suspect is unwashed

    Security is everyone's concern.

    Omni-Tek protects.

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