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    Post AO Mechanics

    Here are some things I have noticed.

    First, I am a lvl 145 Omni Agent on RK2.

    My opinions on being 140+:

    Equipment: Already can/have equipped best guns and armor. (X3/Cat, CDSA.. all ql~200) Sure, there are a few better peices here and there and possibly the longshot, but the difference in dmg and ac's isn't worth the effort. I'm excluding Tara loot because an Omni will never see it.

    Reasons to keep leveling: No better armor, no better weapons. Only possible advancement is more IP's and higher caps. But I can already cast all of my good spells, and the higher nanos that are out there are essentially only marginally better. I can already solo ql 195 mobs fairly easily. Only reason is to be better at PvP.

    Static Dungeons: Nice, but far too small and far too few. I have already fully explored all but 1 static dungeon, and I will never see that one anyway. And I am less than 75% of the maximum level.

    Leveling: Most efficient way to XP is missions. Mind numbingly boring and easy. I don't think anyone in any of my groups has come close to dying in the last 10 groups or so. You don't even need a healer. A trained hamster could level 140-200 in missions.

    Relative power/level: AO seems to have a logarithmic power scale as level increases. Which, in my opinion, is the opposite of what should happen. The only jumps are for classes (Enf comes to mind) which have artificially created level/power inceases like EQB/QB. The fact that I can hardly see any reason to level except for more IP to put in a few skills is hardly worth my time watching paint dry (read: missioning). Add to this the fact that it plateau's at every title cap, and that the duration you are capped for only grows as you level makes it worse.

    Risk/Reward: In short, broken. I can waste hours of my org-mates time trying to get a Longshot. And it is debatable if it is even better than a Boss-drop X3, which, because everyone runs 20 missions a day is the equivalent of vendor loot.

    Clan/Omni: I can't give any solid reason why anyone should play Omni in the first place with Tara and supposedly the new static dungeon as well in Clan's backyard. What do Omni's get in their backyard? Steps of Madness. Woo-freakin-ha. Foremans? Oh wait, the closest grid there is Clan too.

    PvP: In short, a numbers game. And since there is no reason to be Omni aside from being well, the 'underdog', clan rules pvp. It is also bug/exploit ridden, but that occurs just as frequently on both sides.

    Anyway, the reason for posting this is because the 'Reason for cancelling' box wouldn't accept long input when I canceled my account. So I figured I would give my feedback where I could.

    Good day.

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    Thank you drive through.
    Vanguard Mharc. Self-equipper extraordinaire no longer. I'm back!

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    what? being omni is fun. right now we have less than half the clan's side bonus, and diminishing every day! we get to watch the 140+ ranks of the clanners bloster as more and more omnis defect to go on tara raids. thankfully fc decided to put the new uberdungeon in greater tir. that way maybe between tara and that a high level omni base can last more than 2 days. besides who really wants nonstandard, somewhat uber loot anyway?

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