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Thread: Mob's last will

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    Mob's last will

    Who can give me at least one good reason why root/snare/debuff etc has to be casted on you just a second before mob's death? Why such attack are not fight openers for a mob? Or is it done just to annoy players?

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    Unhappy Yep.


    I've been rooted at the beginning of a battle, and at the end.

    It's just the ones at the end that tick me off, and make me remember them...

    Not perfect AI, but I've seen worse...

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    maybe they are about to die and try to do a root/snare and run.... then forget they are stuck on /follow and arnt allowed to retreete and pull 20 other mobs to come kick your butt

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    Hehe, i dont know why but i have only one idea about this: they trying to say: "Listen pal, i am about to die. Could you wait here till i come back from reclaim... we will continue."

    And an absolutely different issue about reclaim. Once as a crat i got a mission to kill a bad (i hope) guy with a ritual dagger of QL 1. This way he suppose to die forever. Well... i got him to 5 percent of his life, called back my pet and tried to stab him. Hehe, i was about 35-40, mob was orange, i was doing like 3-5 damage with that dagger. Could you guess whether i killed him in a rutual way?
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    the mobs are most likely scripted in a way, and they are programmed to debuff after a certain time passed since combat started.

    Coincidence (or poor planning) made mob death and mob debuffings occur around the same timeframe.

    This is purely speculation, and I have no facts to back it up with.
    But it sounds reasonable, doesn't it?

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    I have to say that you might have a point there... I think it is a timer matter. May as well be.

    And again, a story off topic. Yesterday for the first time since i play AO i saw that an animal mob (Shade of lvl 17-18 smth) casted a nano spell on my char (low level MP) - Agility debuff smth. Hehe, and you guys saying nobody uses such nanos
    And yes, it was the first time i saw animal mob casting anything at all... I guess they arent so dump after all

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