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Thread: What news about meeting of saturday please ?

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    What news about meeting of saturday please ?

    what about the meetin ? some solution find ?

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    The meeting Saturday in my opinion was ANOTHER complete failure, it started off ok, with some good suggestions, but shortly after turned to subtle accusations and name calling that just escalated. I was there for the entire meeting, and nothing came of it except that clannet got shutdown directly after instead of a week or so like most wanted, and i don't blame marlark 1 bit. I heard a lot of "i remember when it was 10 of us(up to 20), and it was better". it seems that people don't take into regard for growth of the server and because they were among the firsts to be there it was "better" then. Things grow, and rimor IS one of those things, whether you all like it or not, there ARE more people on the server and you WILL have to accomidate for that or they will find a way to take over it, just like some of you have tryed to do already. So, basically all that todays meeting accomplished was to shutdown clannet a day early. Thank you for coming to the meeting
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