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Thread: Need a great guild

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    Need a great guild

    i've started an omni fixer on Rimor and i'm looking for a guild that is serious and well organised, doesn't have any clue what guild's there are on Rimor. Have played on Atlantean since summer 2000 and have had many different chars (+100) in good guilds like MOTHER, MoK, Nordic Fusion to mention some..

    i've traded creds from atlantean to rimor so i'm not looking for a guild that should provide creds or stuff, just want a guild i can enjoy being in, help, share info/knowlegde and friendship.

    So if there is a guild outthere that wants a "veteran" loyal, sosial member that is fair and never beg then post here with who to contact via /tell online..

    Edit: started as clan but i didn't like to run in the dirty ruins..
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