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Thread: eliminate all "non-fun-stuff"

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    Thumbs down eliminate all "non-fun-stuff"

    What is "non-fun-stuff"?

    Simply said, everything, which is quite boring, wasted time and/or endless routine.
    Some examples:

    1) Team mission; level is clear; entire team runs around to search elevator.
    2) Team mission; someone dies, comes back; map is wiped; again the search for elevators starts.
    ==> is it really so hard, to create a "state of the art"-auto map, with high lighted special zones such as entrance and elevators?
    Make a map upgrade or whatever, but do something against that time consuming, stupid search.

    3) Boss camping/searching; is that really "funny", to sit somewhere respectively search for hours and hours?
    ==> no suggestions, how do make it better. As it is now, it is surely the worst way.

    4) Missions in generally; someone wants to do a mission for xp and a special item. Mission is far away and requires a long journey. Finally arrived, one encounters two or three mobs and the mission is over.
    ==> Give us a hint about how large the mission will be, before we accept it

    I am sure, that there are many other "non-fun-issues".

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    Missions hmm, they are boring but then again due to the repeatative nature of how they are made from the same building blocks it would be really quite dificult without lots of work for a solution, and that would become boring again pretty quick (not that I saying adding say a few new rooms every month for example to drop into the mix wouldn't be bad as a progressive thing, as opposed to giving a load at once).

    As for one of my major hates of late...spawn times. Didn't FC learn a thing from Neleb? you know, long spawn times make players not co-operate and in the end cause nothing but aggro and fighting which then goes back to FC? No spawn time on the game should be longer than 30mins MAX! Sitting for 18 hours waiting for a mob to spawn is a joke, nothing more nothing less. It's also a huge waste of the resources of the servers and infact generates lag? how? simple.

    As a minor test me and a few friends decided to go on a nice dungeon crawl....first off was the new dungeon in SWB, think we renamed it Fight Club (seemed a more fitting name)...anyhow, guess what? no one in it other than us. We went all round the place, exploring and toying with things, some kinda nice things...killed the boss (lemme add here the loot was terrible which might also add to why the place was empty). Bored with not much to do we decided for a really good laugh to drop around to Camelot and see if Tara was home. In we go and yet again, no one was home. We went in everyone room over and over, killed Ghasap (or whatever his skeletal ass is called), looked for Tara (howd we guess, not home), none of the other mobs home. The place was empty (if not for us exploring)....

    Anyhow, my point is this. Thats two zones (probably 3 but we never went to Steps as its nearly always empty anyhow) devoid of players due to the simple fact that the respawn on these mobs make people only go there for about one hour per day. Its BADLY thought out. Give the place a nice spawn time (30mins max) people will probably be there all day long and thus won't be on another server and as such more ppl spread out = less lag.

    I also spent 4 hours sitting getting more and more frustrated waiting for Trash King? are you kidding me? its utterly insane for a quest mob to need to do that! THIS IS NOT FUN!! this takes any enjoyment there was in the game and murders it. Make a mission style single person quest? make it kinda like the Fixer quest or something...make you enter a special type of mission and run through a set few things for say the profession rings? but for a profession ring (which is utterly naff anyhow) needing a well kitted team to complete? its yet another screw up.

    I can see the FC response all ready, we can't increase the spawn rates as It'll mean that too many people will have uber items. Oh come off it! its not like it matters is it when there no balance in the game anyhow.
    Major "Nyadach" Prabel
    Neutral and proud of it!

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    Totally agree with all posts above. Never camped for anyone, prolly should have just to know how it is done and what i am missing... But as soon as start to think of it, i say to myself: "Nah, no way". I dont live in this game, i dont care to be uber, just playing time to time is good enough to me... And yet i would like to get 100% from all possible fun. Let me and others like me have fun. Let me have a chance to see those camped bosses in a reasonable time. Please...

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