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Thread: Should an Atrox implant Body Dev. instead of Max Health?

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    Should an Atrox implant Body Dev. instead of Max Health?

    Today I killed everyone's favorite little creature, Ownz, and looted his Capsule of Thin Blood. So I equipped it on my new alt, an Atrox, and noticed his Health went from 659 to 667 (an 8 point increase). The capsule adds 2 to BodyDevelopment, so that means that 1 BodyDevelopment point is probably equal to 4 Health for an Atrox... right? So this made me think about the possibility of implanting Body Dev. instead of Max Health (I've always implanted Max Health on all of my characters).

    I compared a QL-200 Shining Life Chest Implant to a QL-200 Shining High Body Development Chest Implant; Shining Life adds 405 to MaxHealth and Shining High Body Development adds 105 to BodyDevelopment. Assuming that 1 BodyDevelopment point is equal to 4 Health for an Atrox, that would mean Shining High Body Development adds 420 to MaxHealth (15 points higher).

    I realize this isn't a significant difference, but I just thought it was interesting, because I think most people have always implanted Max Health like I have. If this information is right, then that would mean a full set of QL-200 High Body Development implants would add 30 more Health than a full set of QL-200 Life implants. (Hey, every bit counts.) It would be nice if an Atrox could test this out with QL-200 implants to see if I'm right or not, my Atrox can't nearly use QL-200 implants, and it's harder to compare with low QL's.
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    But only after they 'fixed' The atrox and nanomage breeds. Before that the Atrox only got 3 HP / Body dev point, which made implanting it useless.
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    30 points

    Not worth reworking your imps over, but then again I haven't made my 200s yet (though I have a full set of empties).

    Body dev it is.

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    A benifit to implanting body dev rather then maxlife is the natural regeneration rate. The higher your body dev the faster the regeneration of your health "ticks", and the more it ticks for.

    not much but every bit helps.
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