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Thread: Looking for a Guild of strength and taste!

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    Looking for a Guild of strength and taste!

    I am Morguul, lvl 100 Meta-physicist originally born Omnitek and currently Clan. I am guildless as I have yet to find my right place on Rubi-ka. Once I chose a permanent side in the struggle, I intend to wage war over notum resources.

    I am looking for a guild that likes to have fun, is effective and focused, likes to look good and has a strong presence w/ lots of member interaction/input.

    I want a guild that does not have a stupid name. I would prefer if most of the members did not have stupid names.

    A good guild name to me, is:
    The BlackHand
    Devil's Advocate

    A bad char name to me, is:

    You get the idea.

    If you are a guild who actively destroy's the opposition's towers and either roleplays while doing so or does not interfere with roleplaying or consider it a separe act from playing iteself- then send a tell to Morguul. You will not regret taking me in as an applicat as I have much to offer a good guild.

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    Hey Morguul

    If I were clan, which I am not (not yet anyway), I'd apply to Whisper's Edge. The leader is really nice and they have an active guild!

    Here is the link.

    Click Recruitment on the left, fill out the app and they will contact you!

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    Unity of the Rose.

    Cool people, cool name, strong organization.

    Check our webpage through the link in my signature
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