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    I'm not sure if here is where i can post this but here goes. I just created my first char on Atlantean(RK1) since i can't create more chars on Rimor(RK2). Is it possible to transfer items and cash to my char in Atlantean? Is my first time there, i don't know anyone there.

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    Rinkusu, you cannot directly transfer things between dimensions. Your best bet is to post in the trade forums saying what you'd like to do. With luck, you may find someone with established chars on RK1 that is interested in trying out a char on RK2.
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    Thx for the reply, i guess this is one of those damn annoyances. I still think ppl should be able to tranfer "stuff" from one char to another. It's annoying to have to find a 3rd person to do the transfer in the same dimension, even worse between dimensions.

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    Bank folders would be nice.
    One folder per character with the one linked to your current character being of course selected by default.
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    Rinkusu... make sure you know the person that you are doing the cross-server exchange with... many people have been scammed this way

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