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Thread: using service towers....

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    using service towers....

    what skills are required to place them once u have it built?
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    The reqs for placing them are Mech Engineering, Mat. Crea., and Level.
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    At the moment, there's no real point in building service towers.

    I've done some experimenting with the little buggers and talked with a GM about the results but basically got blown off and told to send in a feedback email... and as usual, nothing seems to get done from those.

    The problem that exists is this:

    The shops currently carry on a few limited ql varieties of libraries. Specifically, they only carry two versions that are above the stock versions that you can buy as completed service towers (150 and 225) The 150's require ME in the mid 800s.

    Where the situation gets messy is that while the shops sell a wide range of shells for these service towers; the ql of the brain (made by using the quested tuner on the library) ALWAYS defines the ql of the end result. Thus... using tradeskills it is only possible to make ql150 or 225 service towers.

    As if this flaw isn't bad enough... completed service towers are not stackable (and like ready made ones, single use only). A lot of trade skill work for a very limited use item...

    Hopefully FC will recognize the need to make the end result reflect the items... perhaps the service tower's own defensive capabilities defined by the shell and the buff it produces defined by the library level. Probably too complex for the way items seem to be created though.


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