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Thread: A bit about social armor and clothes

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    A bit about social armor and clothes

    Hey ..

    I just bought me some red ties underwear the other day .. *cough* .. And, of course, to equip social armor, you can't have _anything_ on. So, it all came off, and I put the red ties underwear on. However, as I could not wear boots, I was now wearing Red Ties underwear for 270k and the smelly boots I got when first came here! What's the point in sexy lingerie .. *cough* .. When you can't, you know, get the wholeness of the thing. Red lingerie and ugly boots, pfh ..

    I can see that if you could wear things with social armor, perhaps people could use it to conceal armor and so on. Perhaps they could make social armor work as long as legs and chest remain free or something. It's not the most important issue, but they should still do something about it ..

    Anyhow, I also think that a person with no clothes on shouldn't have that ugly "basic" suit on (Just to name it, you know what I mean.) .. I can see why they're not naked, but put on just a pair of boxershorts or something instead and hand out some armor with the starting package instead! If people want to wear nothing but a thong, they can with enough tattoos anyway. I want to be semi naked when I strip off!

    So, any comments or more complaints on clothing? Just post'em here .. ;p

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    I agree, Fix it !

    But what where you doing with Red Ties? Thats the female one, or am I mixing up the names of the sets.......


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    social clothes add depth to the game
    we're not purely fighters, the ppl of AO do other stuff
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    More clothes

    Hello ..

    Well, yes. Red Ties is female lingerie .. But, I never I wore it in public .. *cough* ..

    Anyhow, they should make some more clothes. Also something a bit more exclusive. I'd like to have a tuxedo and a top hat for example. It would do wonders to the socials of the game if clothes got a bit more attractive compared to armor to the players. Maybe one could walk down the streets of Tir and actually see someone wearing something else than armor, and it would look neat as well. Well, if they dare unequipping their armor, at least ..

    The clothes we have are not too interesting .. Some of it's good enough, but most of it's been around since launch.

    So, add more! .. And add more hats!

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    The concept of Foul Ole Ron speaking comprehensibly and wearing female undergarments has caused my brain to page fault.

    I hope you're happy.
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    I always agree with adding more social clothes. One of the main reasons I like AO so much and I feel it stands out from the other MMORPGs is that it gives us all the added social elements (many emotes, scripts, social clothes, etc). I also agree that the basic start up armor should be an actual suit of armor, and that naked should mean boxers (and a T shirt for the ladies) in your character's faction color (i.e. red boxers for a clanner).
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    i heard somewhere that they were adding more thongs.... but just thongs!
    can we get some slightly classier clothing along with that?
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    It would be neat if there was a social tab, and you could switch to it without taking off your regular armor.

    Though it would bring up issues with social armor that isn't social like battlesuits and GA.
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    have been nice to use the social armor whit out taking off the armor becose most ppl use armor u need outside buff to use it

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    Millenium hand and shrimp...

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    Buggrem? .. Spying on me with rays!!


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    always the rays
    and lasers
    in any 100 or 75% area u should be able to toggle "social mode" where u get a new wear menu that u can fill with social gear, and it hides ur weps and lets u use food/drinks etc.
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    Buggrem...Sounds about right.

    This just goes to show you shouldnt post after working whole day.

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    Hey ;)

    Hi ..

    Well, I actually quit being a professional maniac and beggar some time ago, but it's nice to have something I can lean back on just in case everything else goes wrong.

    Anyways, I'm not sure if I'm all for a new clothing equip thingie. I mean, it doesn't make sense that one could equip both armor and other clothing in a sense .. And it could be asking for more exploits. I know many twink-equip armors and guns they never dare taking off, but well, that's the prize they've got to pay in my opinion.

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    Originally posted by Mercatura
    It would be neat if there was a social tab, and you could switch to it without taking off your regular armor.

    Though it would bring up issues with social armor that isn't social like battlesuits and GA.
    I fully agree. Only items flagged as 'social' could be put there, anything else that wasn't really social (battle suits/GA) should have a different flag ('armour exclusive' or somesuch). I'd even stump up $10 for this in a booster... (along with more clothes and stuff). [going 'social' should visually unequip all armour and weapons and suspend all benefits from such without actually unequipping them].
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    The reason why this is all such a problem is this:

    Putting something in your BACK slot covers all other slots on your character besides feet and hands and head. Which, in hindsight, was not a smart way to go about it.

    They should've gvien the BACK slot less presidence. Anything else that you put on should override with its mesh & texture.

    If they're so afraid that folks will be running around with bikinis with armor hidden underneath, they really shouldn't have had those items replace everything on the character model in the first place.

    So how would trenches be handled? We can fit one more slot to the left of the head that those types of clothes would fit into, those kind of clothes being capes, trenchcoats, coats and anything that drapes over the model.

    And honestly if folks want to sacrifice further protection for the sake of a bikini or trench, I say let 'em. Why not. It's just pixels on the screen for cryin' out loud.

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    Also, as said earlier, when you first come to Rubi-Ka, you come with nothing on. What does that make you? .. Strangely enough, it makes you dressed!

    I've told so before, but I think FC should make naked people wear some appropiate underwear. It doesn't take more than a few tattoos before people do anyway. Then, your new character could be pretty much naked and get some lowbie issue armor or a set of clothes with his/her starting equipment.

    It might not fit in, running around all those new, talking NPCs in your undies before hitting the backyards, but maybe you could even start with your stuff on .. I dunno. It *should* be done anyhow.

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