Had this happen to me a few times and saw it happen to a couple more engies over the last few days. I think its funny as hell but to the people who die and looose their xp i guess it would not be as funny and could possibly be used to grief people.

Anyways here it goes. When you have the intrusive aura of entanglement or any of the other nanos from that line running on your pet. Happens when you die/terminate/end up at reclaim. If the aura ticks while your bot is in limbo(when it is brought back to reclaim for you but is still searching for its master) everyone in the area who has auto attack for PvP on will immediately be brought to attack the bot.

so now all these people who are sitting there have had the bot attack them and have aggro'd the bot. No thats not the problem. the problem is when the bot finds this owner. The guards of the local area see that all those players are attacking the bot which belongs to the engie again and come to the aid of the engie and his pet killing everyone who was formerly attacking the engie pet.

I just saw this happen again at tir south gate which is what made me think to write this. Saw the engie come back to reclaim and his bot pop up. then suddenly all this red test as me and a bunch of other people aggro'd the bot. Of course i knew what has happening and immediately hit esc and headed for the zone. but unfortunately there are alot of people who didn't recongnize what was happening and got killed by the guards. There were alot of WTF's going around on org chat and at tir gate there for awhile.

Its pretty funny when you think of it. A engie who couldn't hurt a fly in PvP causing such massive death and destruction unintentionally in a 75% gas area oh the irony.