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Thread: Some questions

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    Some questions

    About me:

    I'm a level 47 omni nanomage enforcer. I use 2he weapons; a katana from the weapon smith that is ne of 10-3 outpost. Omni-pol armor, light omni tank.

    *Why does my weapon over equip when I take out an ncu?

    *Just how poor should I resign myself to being with my nano skills? ie: Should all my ip be thrown in to weapon/evades/primary stats or should I find a balance? My nano skills seem a far distance behind. Should I assume that this is normal and not stress over it?

    *Exactly how much hp will I lose out on at level 200, and what will I gain in terms of nanopool and nanoskills over the other breeds? If there is a website with numbers like this, I'd be greatfull for the url. And yes, I have read the countless posts about how poor the nanomage is. I would just like the numbers, not the cynical commentary please. [Thank you Phione for your thread.]

    *Is Omni-Ent the only zone that people in my level range cluster about in search of teams?

    *I've read that there is a big gap between the highest katana from the weapon smith and a QB. Withholding theatrics, is my damage really going to suffer all that much during those levels? I would like to lock on to a weapon path now, and not have to spend reset points at a later date.

    Thank you for your time.

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    alot of this info is in the sticky
    and a few nanomage enfs troll the boards so i pass this onto them
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    I've read the sticky. Phione's thread on nano/atrox was the only one in there that answered anything. 95% of the rest of the sticky was filled with posts stating, 'me' or written a year ago. The few posts I've found about 2he weapons and the gap between the katana and QB do not seem to use any hard numbers and are primarily outlets for people to whine about something.

    But thank you.

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    if ur goin 2he i would suggest u start with something fast
    like normal katana or merchent warblade
    then once ur lvl 60ish switch to a longmoon, and in the 120+ range go over to a true katana if u really wanna, then QB
    The bird of paradise alights only upon the hand that does not grasp

    The original Goddess of Stabbitty Death

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    Hullo, 2he nanomage enforcer here.

    By 47th I'm assuming that you have title-maxed Melee Init up around the 300 mark. If so, the Meibutsu Dai Katana is the right weapon to be using. The Longmoons are the same speed as the T.Smith katanas, but are noticebly inferior.

    I have no idea why your weapon would OE when you remove NCU, sounds buggy.

    My views on nanoskills for nanomage enforcers are: max Int and max nanoskills as much as possible. The only real benefits of being a nanomage are "larger amount of nanopoints" and "higher int for trickle-down into nanoskills". If you aren't doing your darnedest to maximize your nano-potential, then you are just a solitus with bad hitpoints.

    Here's what I would be spending IP on at your level as a nanomage enforcer:
    Sta (max it)
    Int (max it)
    Body Dev (max it)
    Nanopool (add points as you need. I base this on how many times I want to cast Mongo)

    2he (max it)
    Brawl (max it, or at least keep it up enough to use your best weapons)
    Fast Attack (raise to about 111 after implants, for QL25 Flurry of Blows, then ignore for many levels. Or raise to fit weapons)
    Dimach (only barely enough to equip your katana, after Bright head implant)
    Melee Init (max it)

    Evades (PvM = I raise them only when monsters start critting me way too often. for your level range, I would aim for about twice as much skill as the monster's level. like around 120 skill for 60th monsters)
    Comp Lit (raise it in dribbles right before Titles, or in bursts after Titles)
    Treatment (raise as much as possible for best implanting)

    TimeSpace (hit 109 for Nano Kits, then slowly raise it later to move up Nano Kits)
    SenImp (try to get to 156 for Skill of the Savage, then give it a nice long rest)
    MatMet, BioMet, MatCrea, PsyMod (keep these as high as possible with the rest of your IP)

    As for the other abilities, I also max Psy and wear Biomech (Sta/Psy) armor. Keeping Str high gets pretty painful. Agi gets painful too. Most of my implants have been fiddled with to require Sta or Int, but you will probably want to keep your Str and Agi up somewhat for implanting. Sense I'd let slide pretty hard, and only raise it when you have to for Melee Init.

    Anyway, those are my suggestions.

    As for 200 maxes, I'm not sure. Here's what I think will happen. Soli and Opi will have an extra 1 HP per BD. They breed cap at 480 Sta (as opposed to 448 for nanomage), so they will also have maybe 8 more BD. Atrox will have an extra 2 HP per BD (and a 512 Sta breed cap for an extra 16 BD). As far as I know, there aren't direct breed maxes for BD.

    On the plus side, you'll have a larger amount of nanopoints (one more nanopoint per nanopool), so you will be able to cast top of the line Mongo a little earlier and more often. I can't give you hard numbers though.

    As mentioned above, a True Katana should hold you over in between when your QL135 Katana starts to depress you and when you get your QB.

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    Thank you Curmudgeon.

    I have petitioned the ncu/oe but it times out and I don't really see that this is a big enough deal to pull my hair out over. I will just assume it is a bug and just hope whatever causes it will be gone by the time I am at the point where I will want to use a recompiler.

    I also do not really care how much I stand out compared to other breeds at this point in the game. My view is that leveling is the work one has to complete in order to play the game. So level 200 is all that is important to me. And I can't imagine that the difference in hp or the very slight difference in AR really makes much of a difference in xping.

    Thanks for your advice. AO is not like riding a bike.

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    Some rough numbers on HP/Nano ...

    Right now my enfo is title 5 capped at 650'ish BD and 600'ish NP ... assuming *roughly* the same numbers for a nanomage that should give you 650 less hp and 600 more nano (than a solitus). TL6 allows you to raise BD 50 points and NP 40 (if I don't recall wrong) so I'd say around 700 less hp, and around 650 more nano than a soli at 200. Roughly 1500 less hp than an atrox, but also roughly 1300 more nano *shrug*. These are very rough numbers tho'.

    Sidenote: Crush costs 676 nano so you should have the nanopool for roughly 2 more mongo's at 200 than an atrox, giving you 4600 more points of "healing" ... if you can live long enough

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