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Thread: Proposed Changes To Clannet Thread

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    If marlark can manage to program clannet to not allow peeps to roll for a item twice then great. If he can't then he can't. Those who want to whine and moan about how someone got something twice can learn how to program and send him a bit of code on it if they feel he hasnt tried enough.
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    As for getting an item based on luck, it's a necessary function for those people who can't come to 100 Tara raids due to their real life schedule. The inclusion of chance means that these people have somewhat of a shot at winning something (albeit small given the numbers).
    Well though for them, they will eventually have enough points if they want to roll for an item. They just have to save them for a longer period, if they can't make tara raids everyday. Your philosophy in this matter is flawed, if I had only 2 points I would not expect to be able to roll for same items then those with 50+.

    If the system continues like this, it will greate more and more bitterness and arguments. Those who work hard on this game should get rewards and not those casual players that drop in tara once or twice. Getting items from Tarasque should be based onhow hard you work on to get any item and not in a luck in a roll.

    Also, there is a lot of junk dropping from Tarasque that can be rolled between those with fewer points. I am mainly talking about those items that every high level player in this game should have (for example I know xsurgeon and lorrides have waited and saved up for GPH for a very long time (few others as well I think), they near 100 points in raids...we also know how rare drop that GPH is do you think it fair that an 140 enforcer in his second raid wins the hood against those guys that have near or over 100 raids behind them and waited only for this item to apprear.

    Sorry Thatone, your argument is flawed in my eyes.
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    nice to see we can have some civil discussions
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    I understand that it is fair that those who put in the work to get the prize, this is common sense. But I really think that Clannet should be a system that makes Tarasque raids worthwhile for all types of players, be they casual or extremely devoted.

    I offer this argument though: the casual player who wins a fluke roll at Tarasque will most likely never do so again, unless they are unbelievably lucky. In contrast, the devoted player will still have access to getting more than one piece of uber tara loot through hard work. The odds of a 140 newbie winning say both a GPH and a chest are slim to none, whereas the devoted player can win both of those things in perhaps a month or two (depending of course on the drop rates). The casual gamer (and by that I mean one who attends perhaps 4-6 taras per week), without this roll system, would require 3-4 months in order to win an uber item, which seems a bit harsh.

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