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Thread: Looking for guild and friends

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    Looking for guild and friends

    I made this post in the social form but I shall be doing it again here.

    I've played AO about 10 months ago for about a month and left due to the fact that the friends I made only lasted for about 7 days because of the 7 day free thing. So about after a month of this I left the game and went back the DAoC.

    Now I'm leaving DAoC for good because it isn't a challenge for me anymore. So I'm ready to say goodbye to my DAoC friends and take on the challenge of playing AO once again with the hopes of being able to meet and make new friends.

    If anyone is willing to lend a hand in showing me the ropes on AO, hunt and kill some things and chat leave a reply. I would love to get to know you. Also I will need to know what side your on such as clan or omni.

    Like I also stated above I am looking for a guild. The number of people in the guild doesn't matter just as long as it is a friendly, active guild. Also would be cool if the guild did do a lot of things together.

    The class I would like to be is an MP. Side it has to be the clan OR omni.

    Well I hope all this makes sence because typing english really isn't my strong point heh.

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    my guild, The Pilgrims is currently looking for new members. as most all the existing ones seemed to have left when former president left

    we're primarily interested in people that want to enjoy the role-playing aspect of the game, and such new members are required to write a short biography of their character to become member status (bios of some of the chars on our website).

    so i'm trying to rebuild what is lost. i'm looking for people that want to have fun, etc. i'm pretty must on for least 2 hours a day or so.. and there are about 3 others active in the guild right now as well.

    other info on the guild, you can check our website and forums:

    any other questions you can send me a /tell in-game. i'm also just about always on the FC irc server.. in both #anarchyonline and #meta-physicist tho i might be idle.. i check any msgs.

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