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Thread: Wishlist item: continuous pet status readout

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    Wishlist item: continuous pet status readout

    When I open the status window, I get a continuous readout on the state of my char - hp, nano, running nanos, remaining duration on each nano. I'd like to see that degree of information on the pets on a continuous basis.

    Perhaps add a tenth window hotkeyed to Ctrl-0. This window would be dynamic, containing a section for each current pet. The sections should always be sorted with attack pet on top, mez pet on bottom - I get annoyed sometimes with the /pet report command because I have to make sure I'm looking at the stats for the right pet.

    For each pet, there would be a red health bar. There would be a blue nano bar for pets where nano is relevant. There would be an NCU section just like there is on the Ctrl-9 window. This would let us see what buffs/debuffs/roots are running on the pet and would let us see how much time is remaining on them, just as it does for nanos on the player.

    It would be nice to have an AggDef slider for each pet as well, but I think that would conflict with trimmers.
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    This is a great idea and something similar has been mentioned in the past. Would you want an ncu read-out for them too? That'd help you to see when one of them was rooted, debuffed or whatever too.

    Any other ideas from anybody on how this might look?

    I think the biggest worry might be size... given that we can have 3 pets at once. I suppose since it's only a secondary window the HP and nano bars could be 1/3 the lenght in our own status window.

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    Make it expandable just like the mission terminals are.
    In small state you can watch hp and nano of the pets - in expanded state you can see their NCU too.
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    yup imj with Darkzone
    A series of smaller windows showing things like health and nanos
    maybe a numerical status of NCU's
    Oh and each windoe would have a pet name on it
    Clicking on a window would give an expanded view like our own

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    I doubt they'd make a window with dynamic info in it ... have yet to see any pop up window that manipulates dynamic data. So the result will have to be a lock in status area, like our own.

    The way i see it done is have pet names on top in a row:
    H = health N = nano
    Attack pet / Heal Pet / Mez Pet
    NCU 0/90 | NCU 0/90 | NCU 0/90

    In the NCU boxes would be whats runing on that pet with a mini scroll bar that scrolls up and down. Least amount of time left on top. That allows a fairly quick view of what the bets are at. If they got a debuff, it should be up top in the window. The window should be about the same size as our current status window. Could even have a second row of NCU shown if wanted ...

    Thats how I would design it anyways while keeping with current FC designs.

    The other option would be a readout on the left hand side fo the screen wher eyou got our current health and nano. Have mini bars under that for each pet, but I think the new dockable window is more likly to happen, if at all.
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    both ideas seem more feasable
    i hope they follow through with this

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    I don't have time today to get this written up into a formal proposal for the list.

    If one of you could have a pass at it that'd help a lot.

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    Why do we need this again?
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    YES, and a way to select your pets without control tab...

    Ctrl-tab gives you a crazy case of carpal tunnel if you are in a big team, or a tower battle, or a raid of any kind. I would settle for hot keys, but a team window like display for pets would be even better

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    I'd be in love with just a hostile nano message for our pets. :P

    And oh yea. Have their damage switched from other hit other to me hit other so I don't have to have other hit other on with 40 people in the vicinity just to keep tabs on whether or not my pet is hitting a mob or getting stuck on an invisible hump on the ground.

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    Hey Zylina,

    Just so's you know these suggestions are already in the wishlist under Pet related chat server changes.

    I'm re-reading this thread now and I'm just not sure how best to formulate all of the ideas here into a wishlist entry. I may have another pass at it later on today.

    Any more ideas suggestions re: continuous pet readout?

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    Make a window similar to the team window. That way, we can select our pets by clicking on their names in the window and we can see their status.

    Sounds nice. I am in.

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    Here's an attempt at a proposal. Let me know what you think.


    Proposal for GUI Changes for Pet Information

    The pet community has lived for some time with the /pet report command that will churn out a textual read-out of the %age HP and Nano of the pet, time left, position coords and the used/total NCU. Many MPs would like to be able to have a visual and continuous read-out of the status of their pets.

    As the design of such an interface is a difficult matter to address in this wishlist, we've restricted the following proposal to a list of wishes about the types of information that should be available and certain interactive elements. Envisaged would be something similar to the "Team" window - perhaps an expandable extension of the team window or possibly a window on Ctrl-0 (which is free).

    Possible Information Items to be included

    Not all of the following items could be included in all likelihood. This list should be seen as a list of items that the MPs would see as being useful:
    • 1) HP bar for each pet

      2) Nanopool bar for each pet

      3) Duration bar for each pet

      4) NCU Used/Total readout (numerical)

      5) NCU symbols showing friendly nanos and hostile nanos running on the pet (graphical)

      6) "Clickable" names/buttons to select pets

    This proposal was designed in the Wishlist Item: Wishlist item: Continuous pet status readout Thread. For more information about how the design was reached please reference that thread. To propose changes/additions to this design - please post to that thread.

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    Adding the above proposal now then.

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