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Thread: Anti Blitsing

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    preach on

    Originally posted by Atreyu
    I agree with Tangretti


    The only way to be fair about fixing things money wise is to make the shops sell items people want to buy.
    So I say decrease the number of "mission reward only" type items, put them in shops of up to QL 200 (they don't have to be cheap). Keep boss drop stuff the way it is now, and leave mission blitzing alone.
    i ve been shouting this for ages now, good to see that i am not alone on this.

    damn i would even buy a "store booster" ... oh wait that is likely what jobe shops will mean in shadowlands...
    sept 03 - the day ao was keeled by sl.

    gone now. byebye.

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    lvl 15 doc started thread. You clowns wanting a blitz nerf will now be paying for my ncu/run/hots. That's right I am taking names. Maybe funcom will nerf blitzing and make the economy cred free. No one will have to work for creds all items will appear in your bank if you wish on the first star you see.

    Funcom sell more items in stores. Put GA4 in a term for 450mil and you will see billions removed from the economy.

    Most all money made after lvl 80 is locked in the economy. Nothing in the stores-Cept clusters for implants- that a high lvl player needs or wants.

    Creds blitzed or missioned are all the same. Moving from one player to another but never out.

    Nerf Blitzing would be stupid.

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    I personally dont blitz missions,i solo team missions hours on end and make millions of creds doing it.Rarely do i sell anything rare or not.With the exception of nullity wich i took 10 mill and a set of lvl 200 custom imps for(a fraction of what people are asking).

    Put high lvl items in shops that will help alot.Also make a random drop day every week or so.Ga,nullity,all that uber camped boss loot everyone is selling for 100s of millions of credits,have it drop hunting and in regular and team missions according to lvl. eventually rare items will be semi rare and people will say "hey there is a better chance of this dropping while im slaughtering mobs".

    Heres a scenerio...History tells us though that nodrop, unique,and special tags are the devs easy fix.Be afraid be very afraid......can you say credit wipe!Of course they will give a months notice to buy all the new uber stuff they put in shops before they do it.Then anyone with billions of creds will be screaming foul(See ya ebay).

    (yes my fixer alt has ga1 2 and 4,all dropped by mobs and i didnt pay a dime for them)Did pay handsomely to have them built though hehe.

    Borking blitzing is just foolish IMHO.

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    Originally posted by Avaltarr

    Creds blitzed or missioned are all the same. Moving from one player to another but never out.

    Nerf Blitzing would be stupid.
    I agree. I made a lot of credits blitzing for items to sell after I reached level 100. And now I'm making even more credits soloing maximum xp zero credit reward missions and looting every body and every chest.

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    Originally posted by Oddity Strangelove

    Well, I'm pretty sure my Sarcasm-O-Meter just went off
    Hmm... I'm still puzzled by that part where the AE nukes earn the NT hundreds of millions of credits worth of rare stuff.. I've nuked the gritty purple stuff out of a lot of claws and I've been fortunate enough to make... well... not a whole lot... all the miscellaneous junk I've looted might add up to a couple million tops. And if he was talking about those dozens of GA and nullity disks that drop... I must have been out to lunch that week...

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    Let's nerf the gene pool and make it illegal for stupid people to breed!

    [edit: Oh, wait... this isn't real life, nevermind.]
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    GL upgrading your imps after QL125 if you take out blitzing.

    13imps for a set and lets say 20m to complete a mish for it.
    -bout 4.3 hours

    and thats with a team since you cant solo the QL mish of imps that you cant equip.
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    you guys forget to see something. Aside from lvling what do people do missions for?


    Take out blitzing, and people aren't going to do the missions. Thus making the game even more boring then before.

    Blitzing adds somewhat to the funfactor (what little bit of it there is).

    Unless you'd like to see even less people in the game. Taking out blitzing is a very bad idea. '

    I'm not saying this because i'm a fixer. I just started a fixer. My main is an ma, and yes i do blitz with him, and not out of being uber rich, cuz i'm far from that. I do it out of necessity.

    Alot of you people looking for a simple fix really need to take an economics class.

    This economy isn't going to get fixed by doing one thing to it. In fact its very hard to fix an economy of this caliber.

    The real world economy does not have a limit, it has the potential to grow exponentially.

    This economy is limited because the characters are limited by lvl, that and there is a max lvl item you can recieve.

    Logically the higher lvl items would cost more then say the low lvl items. Its Quantity that sets the price. Considering there's a rarity of these items, and a large base of consumers willing to purchase them, thus justifies the high prices.

    Blitzing is just a means of increasing the quantity. You decrease the Quantity and prices will rise. Not fixing a damn thing you simple fix people are looking for.

    A tax system cannot work because there will be certain requirments the tax has to meet, and people will just find a way to exploit it, just like in the real world.

    You want a fixed economy, all that has to be done is quantity increased. But noone wants that, because then the game would be boring if everyone had the uber gear.

    I personally think the economy is somewhat excellent. I also applause the AO developers for creating it the way they did. There are far worse economic structures in games.

    All you complaining should just learn to play the game alittle better. Blitzing is not profession specific. Other professions may be able to do it better, but that is because it is default to their profession.

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    Get real.

    Blitzing doesn't hurt the phreaking economy. Nothing you blitz for
    goes for an insanely uber price. Best item is NCU's, which can go
    for one mil each. Hardly unbalancing. But I WILL tell you this:

    The problem is, you can't blitz the items that go for several
    hundred millions that only certain people can camp. Let GA, NS,
    Nophex's, you name it - be missionable, and that'll fix things.

    Anything you have to camp, make it nodrop, and the problem is
    solved. No damn level requirement dungeons, and it's that simple.

    From there, FC should add actually content that enriches our
    playing experience. Not a set of firey hoops to jump through just
    to get profession assissting, and in somecases balancing, items.

    Not to mention, easily located special shops for 125+'s that have
    nano chargers, health kits, nanos, you name it, above Q125.
    Prices that might water things down a bit, but not to inflated...

    Of all the things I would quit over, it's not the lag or the boring
    missions, it's the camping for simple things that should be
    available to all. But, anyway, to fix the economy, do just that.

    If you have to camp a dungeon or mob, make it nodrop.
    The rest, put in shops or regular missions. Even team ones.

    Insane rarity, and hard to camp mobs makes the economy screwed up, NOT BLITZING...
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    Why is everyone allowing this to bother them?

    Blitzing is not going anywhere, funcom doesn't listen to players that have been here since release, they certainly aren't going to rush this guy's idea into production just because he is poor, low level and jealous.

    Take a deep breath and relax
    Devil's Advocate is cooler than you.

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    Take two examples.

    Young noob lvl 102 adventurer goes on a solo mission, is lucky and scores a GA IV. He sells it for 450 mill and a heavily padded overcoat. Blam, he's rich and has nice gear.

    Experienced lvl 150 adventurer desparately wants a nice item that is for sale for 300mill credits. He blitzes missions until his heart bleeds, and then he blitz some more. After 2 weeks of solid blitzing he has 300 mill credits and can purchase the item. During those two weeks he has not levelled once, has not been able to help his guildmates with raids etc, and has not exactly had much fun playing either.

    What separates these two? The first one is luck. Plain and simple. Nr. 1 can continue to level, he can also buy a couple of virral eggs, new nanos, weapons and armor, whereas example two has stagnated for those two weeks. Example two has worked his behind off to be able to afford his item. And now some of you want to even nerf that. Would you like to nerf tradeskills as well perhaps since that is also a nice way to gain a lot of credits. My engie made close to 300 mill credits doing tradeskills alone for a while. This only took about 2 weeks. In order for my fixer to make 300 mill in 2 weeks, I have to blitz non-stop. I usually blitz for 1 bag of animas (=10m) a day when there is something I need money for. The most I've done in one day is 4 bags, but after that I was actually a bit dizzy and didn't feel too well after playing (not joking..).

    Since some of you are so desperate about getting money sinks ingame, why not have 125+ stores (as allready mentioned) with very pricey items. For example refined clusters and implants. Let's say a ql 220 shining refined cluster costs 20 mill. The implant itself about 10 mill a pop. Guild houses that costs a lot to purchase. Buff machines where you can purchase a buff for a hefty fee if you can't find a doc to give you SFA when you really need the buff right then and there. With hefty, I mean maybe 500k or so a buff.

    These might not be good ideas, but nerfing blitzing will not help one bit either. Get rid of all the moronic camping in this game, and it would be better. For example. I'd rather blitz for two full months to be able to purchase a Van Horn vest instead of the ugly camping that goes on there. The albino rhinoman lives for 2 seconds every 18 hours. That is great fun, isn't it?

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    B L I T Z!

    I love Blitzing! its a huge rush.. do a mission in 5 minutes or less..avoid as much damage as possible running thru halls filled with mobs to get to that mission goal... oh jah... sign me up!

    Why would anyone want to take that away?

    Please dont take my blitz fun away.. or i will write a letter to santa and make sure ya make the coal list!

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    Quick Economics Lesson

    You think that the economy is screwed up?

    It's not. Actually its a pretty good approximation of a real economy. Like the US or UK.

    Good model FC, you've got pretty damn close to reality.

    There are rich people, and poor people.

    Common items are cheap, rare ones expensive.

    Information is perfect (or can be) so people don't spend on poor substitutes.

    Poor people loose because of pricing systems, rich people win.

    Everyone seems to think that the uber rich do not have enough cash sinks to remove creds from the upper economy. NEWS FLASH folks - irl, the uber rich dont either. They just bank it, invest it, and generally keep it about.

    IRL peope with 10s of millions and people with 10' of billion spend roughly the same per year - thats a fact folks. It's more than people with nothing, but theres still a cap.

    Toon A finds NS2 and Toon B dosent. Luck. Toon A is rich and Toon B scratches a living from the dirt. Sound familier? I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth; you weren't. DEAL WITH IT. (I wasn't really, but it makes the point - I know many peeps who were)

    There are only three differences between irl economy and ao's economy:

    1) If you keep working, you WILL get rich in ao - fact.
    2) Supply is unlimited - NS, GA, VT eggs, Dragon chest - all of these items are limitless, over time. Given long enough, every toon could have one. FC's drop strategy means that supply is restricted in the short term only, irl McLaren only made like 500 F1s - ever..
    3) Items NEVER decay. My 90 NT still has his solar startup pistol in the bank. After well over 100 hours of play-time, it's still as effective as it was. Decaying items would force high levels to spend their creds regulaly, precluding huge purchases except of those few uber richies. Don't flame me for this suggestion - FC will never implement such an idea - too much code...

    The economy is working as intended - some people are rich, some people are poor. Its just like real life and the problem is....

    The problem is those of us who don't see uber richies IRL can see them in AO - and we're jealous. Tough luck kids; work hard and you'll get there. Just like real life - oh wait - you won't in real life.

    edit: I see uber richies IRL - grew up with them because of where I was as a kid (blind luck). I saw a few old friends this christmas; went round to a mates house (on his estate) to chill for an evening to by his indoor poor, drink his drinks (served by a waiter) and watch the entertainment (17yo girls with very little on. They were there because they wanted the things these guys can offer. I was there because they're good friends, but I still enjoyed the things they can offer. We went clubbing a few times - to a friends club. Pay for drinks? No. The guy drives a new AMG 55 - £100k's worth of car, which was factory customised for him. His gf's engagement ring is worth more than I'll ever earn. If I didn't like him as much as I do, I'd hate him for what he was born with. Economy screwed up? Nah - just good old human nature kicking in.
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