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Thread: Mob specials? insta kill thought that was removed.......

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    Thumbs down Mob specials? insta kill thought that was removed.......

    To make a long story short I was soloing borgs in PW and moving along nicely considering my lvl but at long last I ran into a problem with a cyborg general....this one happened to like specials a lot during th course of the fight I was burst 3 times for 1.2k ok that's annoying but I can deal with those.....The real problem was that I only have 4.5k hp and well let me tell u what the last 4 hits on me were you'll get the idea.....1287 burst, 341 norm, 432 norm, 7788 full auto= -5,382,820 xp and hello reclaim.
    Obviously this is a bug I was told so when I petitioned about the completely harsh way I lost my xp and it needs a patch to be fixed. Ok great it needs a fix I haven't seen or heard from anyone at all that this is a problem if they're working on a fix for it that would imply that it's a known problem would that be correct?
    I guess in part I want to complain/warn anyone who hunts borgs they fight dirty and and also to warn that if u lose xp don't bother petitioning about it won't do u any good and will serve nothing more then to irritate you. I am curious tho why if FC is planning on fixing something that they know is broke why not post that on the main page? I don't feel like digging through a forum for 5 hours looking for tidbits of info just so I can avoid bugs :/
    also like to add this is the last time I will ever send a petition for anything sad to sad they have been no help whatsoever at all in far too long for me to bother anymore.
    I am curious if anyone else has had this problem lately at all lately plz feel free to post thoughts and yes i'm mostly complaining in this post because there is no reason that couldn't be posted on the loggin page or something or for that matter why my xp couldn't be returned

    ok maybe it's not so short
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    6500 Full Auto from a Cyborg General in PW sent me back to reclaim minus 2.5million xp. It was his opening shot too

    I don't think FA should be removed - but maybe it should cap at 40% like PvP - still makes it a dangerous special for the borgs but removes the "one shot kill" aspect.

    I'd disagree with the comments about petitioning in general though. I didn't petition this (I treat it as part of the game really - gets too boring if nothing can kill you ) But for other important issues I've had a rapid and friendly response from both ARKs and even a GM once
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    I'm not saying nothing should kill me but gettinghit for twice my absolute maximum hp is BS. capping it at 40% of ur max life would help a bit let's face it if ur soloing borgs 40% of ur life means your gonna die.

    and as far as getting a quick response after a petition I have gotten maybe 2 in the very long time i've played and as far as getting anything resembling help or even a straight answer nvr the petition function is useless if no one who answers can/will help you for all the use it is it should be removed wouldn't notice a difference
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    i think all mobs got specials, if you keep your evades up, you are seldom hit by those thought

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    Evades dont affect specials at all. You can have 1000000000 in evade ranged and a flingshot will still hit. Get an engie special-blocking buff thou, that might help.
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    well the engi special buff would be nice but i'm a soloing fixer so not an option

    and no i'm not a GA fixer either I wear armor and can still solo lvl200 borgs can do medusa too but they hit a lot harder......they don't have full auto tho so might be a better option......
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    MOB specials also don't check LOS like normal shots. If I'm not mistaken, they also let loose with them while they are running. Got me dead a couple times from Burst and FullAuto from a MOB who's two rooms back in a mission.

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