Omni-AF-Academy is recruiting for the following positions.

Squad Commander – Profession: Soldier
Squad Commander – Profession: Engineer
Squad Commander – Profession: Fixer
Squad Commander – Profession: Agent
Squad Commander – Profession: Adventurer
Squad Commander – Profession: Trader
Squad Commander – Profession: Bureaucrat
Squad Commander – Profession: Meta-Physicist
Squad Commander – Profession: Doctor

Rank definition and responsibilities:

Guild Definition: The Teachers of the Guild
Squad Commanders are the “go-to” characters for each profession. They will be responsible for training new guild members. (There will be 12 Squad Commanders.)

- Have fun!
- Recruit new guild members
- Kick guild members who break guild rules
- Will hold items pertaining to his/her profession for other guild members
- Must be willing to spend time helping other guild members locate resources
- Must be willing to spend time training other guild members in their profession
- Squad Commander’s actual profession will match the profession he/she is responsible for
- May promote guild members to the rank of Unit Commander (and below) as they see fit
- Organize guild events (either planned or impromptu)
- Donate to the guild bank as credits are available
- Minimum level 25

We decided on a minimum level of 25 because it is possible to have an alt of the same profession that is much higher. It is the experience and knowledge of the player that’s important here.

If you enjoy showing others around in the game, this will be the right place for you. And, yes, we are recruiting in ranks under Squad Commander but this position is of primary concern at the moment.

We do not have plans for towers at this point since we do not have enough guild members to support (protect) them. We will provide aid to other guilds who do have towers. Once we get to a point where we can support towers we will appoint a General in the guild for tower strategies.

Time Zones:
The president and founders of the guild are in PST but we have players in EST, CST, and GMT (that I know of).

Server: RK2

Presidential Term: 3 months

For more information, please check out the links below.

Safe Hunting to all!

Serving the members of Omni-Af-Academy

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Guild Forum

(There is a public forum, a private forum and a private guild-leader forum.)

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