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Thread: What hooked you?

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    yeah hehe i played this game when it was first out..
    i remember struggling for weeks trying to get to lvl 30 ..ohhh man how it was hard work.
    i played an ady .and had not got a clue..i went with an advent becuase i saw one in the shape of a grid triangle moveing about trade LOL those that dont know this was a bug..(now gone)
    i thought wow what a cool morph..omg what a noob!
    didnt learn that melee blades where broken untill i had trouble killing grays(blades could not cut through ac)..doh
    but when u start it just takes ages and u never think u will get to a 50(wow uber LOL)...u never stop learning how deep this game is

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    when i created DrT waaaaaay back in Sept 2001. I had tried lots of classes and races and ntohing realy did it for me until the doctor class. I was always poor as anything and needed my friends to help me out soooooo much. I think the great adventures I had with the people i first met
    Javaschick, Piercingevil, Jenni, Sexyhealer, Seij, Hawk, Nelida etal
    running around varmint woods killing mobs, but not the plants they were tough

    my first car The Mid, i found it in a chest and i was really excitied. I think I may buy another (i deleted it soon after getting my yalm)

    my friends helping me out a lot, i would never have survived without them. When 4 or 5 of them chipped in to buy me a yalmaha as i was such a good doctor and i kept dying on the way to missions, that was great. I think i spent that night just flying about hehe.

    when i was level 14 on my way to a mission in the ruins in athen shire. a sandstorm blew up when i was at the north end of Holes in the wall, it was the first i had ever seen. I was telling my friend Nyadach at the time and when it started i sent somehting like
    F******** ITS A SANDSTORM!!!! to him I got hacked up by the bots in the ruins though. that was scary i had no map and couldnt see, when suddently got the red message and heard that whirring noise they make and then i was dead.

    the private tells after battles from team mates to me telling me i was a good doc, one of the best.

    A lot of the memories/addiciton seem to be when i was new. Newbism is fun
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    1. Getting lost in Newland Desert and eaten alive by some ****ing huge insects.
    2. IR.
    3. Realizing that I could get stuff that people want. Sometimes before they even knew they wanted it.

    1 and 2 and failing to do 3 almost had me unhooked too.

    pirates. with lasers.
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    Ah, memories! started my life on rubi-ka as a neutral solder in aug 2001. Having played counterstrike nonstop prior, i was literally ROFL when i first saw a leet say "u suxor"!
    I wandered out of Newland BY 7 finally and being a total noob i see this green npc walking i hit Q...then get aggroed by 2 others...ran back to the BY screaming! lol...good times

    I canceled my free trial before the week was up but decided to keep playing until they blocked in the meantime i go outside newland by the lake and hunt a bit..there i started meeting a lot of cool people! some i still play with, some i've lost track of...
    gimped my soldier and deleted him back when the full IPR was still a rumor ( level 41 using 2he and rifle/AS lol )
    i still miss the awe and wonder of being a noob, so much to learn and explore...mabye we'll get that feeling back with shadowlands...
    2 accounts and dozens of alts later i'm still hooked on AO!

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    Originally posted by Lilburst
    Ah, memories! I wandered out of Newland BY 7 finally and being a total noob i see this green npc walking i hit Q...then get aggroed by 2 others...ran back to the BY screaming! lol...good times

    hehe been there.. in fact that still happens to me

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    Another one, me and my good buddy Fion (Xaielao) discovering the power of snares and roots. I snared, he rooted, we both backed up, blam blam blam. Man we were uber, we were taking down everything that came upon us, even those killer red Salt Fleas, w00t!

    Then suddenly, Fion says: "Hey, I know these cow-like mobs I've always wanted to kill, they're like red, but I think we can kill em with this tactic"

    So he took us to Wailing Wastes (at the time it had a different name, Athen Expanse? or something), along the rock wall, and stopped about 50 meters from a strange encampment.

    "See, those things there"

    I tabbed and saw some huge thing called Ottous

    "Wow, you think we can take that?"

    "Hey, we took down those 2 salt fleas right?"

    "Yeah, you're right"

    So we closed in a bit more, 30m, just in range of our respective root and snare

    "Alright, you root and I snare"

    I press the snare button and watch the bar move up, he starts casting too.

    Both nanos get countered

    Suddenly, all the Yuttos and Ottous in the area turn to us and start charging.

    I actually still had time to type "uhoh" before an Ottous stomped me to death with a single hit.

    Fion only stopped running back at war academy hehe.

    And that day we learned a very important lesson - not all red mobs are equally difficult
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    all i can say is... monster cookies.


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    Actually dude.. I tried outrunning that Ottous, but those things are fast as hell.. CRUNCH I was dead lol. That was one hell of a laugh.

    What got me hooked was, not long after release I was playing with a band of friends, we weren't guilded, just hung out together, a motley crew if there was one. I with Xaielao the uber 20's fixer, with his 16 Mausser Particle Streamer named Betty that I got off another fixer for 600 credits (I actaully talked him down from like 800, yea money was a VERY different story way back then). Betty's burst record was an increadible, wapping 126 damage! Which if I remember right, I broke while hunting the beach with my buddies, one of which was a tall atrox soldier who used 2he swords, mostly E-Blades, which were uber back then, just like MPS's were with there 45 range lol.

    Anyway we were in the desert, in our low 20's, hunting at the Junk Yard. We loved that spot because Freedom outpost was a short run away, especially when everyone was buffed up with my totally uber Limited Grid Jump. Back then you couldn't carry more then a couple hundred bullets, I remember once getting 400 and all my friends going 'woh!' lol.

    We were at the back end of the Junkyard, all buffed up and just hanging out, and the terror that is the Virrulent Minibull suddenly charges us.. we all freak out, but being the way I am I finally got everyone calmed down, stop running and just who ever was agro'd ran in a circle around the group. We were in a fight for our lives, several times people would come within an inch of there life and the bull would change agro. After what seemed 10 minutes and a huge fight, the bull died and we all cheared and shouted.. then we got a wopping 1200xp.. an AMAZING amount of xp.

    We were all amazed and decided we were so uber we could actively seek out V-bulls and kill them. Of course the next one we found promptly wiped out our overly-confident group. That was great, I felt pride and accomplishment for weeks afterwards, not being the first to take out a v-bull, but word spread in West Athen that we were all pretty uber.

    I've had many MANY great experiences, made lots of great friends in AO, I'll always cherish it as one of the best games I've ever played.. even with the bugs early on.

    BTW, has anyone else noticed almost everyones best experiences and things that hooked them deals with outdoor hunting? If your reading this and you don't outdoor hunt, get out of your cramped missions! Hunting is better xp then it ever was, spawn tables at such places as The Temple of Three Winds in GTC, The Beach in Athen Shire, the desert in TLR have all increased by a very large ammount. So get some fresh air and go hunting, you won't believe how much more fun you'll have!
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    Originally posted by Slicerx
    "Wow, you think we can take that?"

    "Hey, we took down those 2 salt fleas right?"

    "Yeah, you're right"

    Famous last words.

    pirates. with lasers.
    Are you having an argument on the internet, again?

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    Being a low-level Neutral Martial Artist before the whompa changes and the risk-free death changes. Running for my life through Old Athen and Wailing Wastes to reach a mission. Completing the mission and running for my life back through Wailing Wastes and Old Athen trying to stay alive long enough to reach a Neutral save terminal.

    The first time one of the Old Athen gate cannons killed me in one shot was a big shock.

    The first time I was hit by lightning late at night on a lonely road in Aegean I actually jumped.

    I guess a lot of my best memories are of running to and from missions on foot through unfamiliar land not knowing what was going to try to kill me next.

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    I was playing for a while, mildly amused, until a friend twinked me into the Grid at level 9 and got me to Borealis. (For those who are relatively new, Newland used to be Grid-accessible-only)

    Once I started to see out of the Omni-Tek-Black-Iron-Prison-Box, I found the pretty places on RK and the roleplaying community and how the sun rises in the north and sets in the south and how awesome leets are and the Boglwe statue and how to find the ql of a mission and how creepy eremites are and how morbidly beautiful the Nokkens and Fossegrims are and how addictive this damn game can be and how awesomely awesome this damn game can be and why jumping off tall buildings is fun and why raising swimming and adventuring is somewhat pointless and what the Grid looks like with fog turned off and all that other great stuff that makes this game pretty damn cool.
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    the thing that caught me was how huge rubi-ka seemed and how much there was to do.

    I remember when I was at the outpost northwest of Tir I saw an atrox in social clothes and I accidently hit Q and started attacking him. I said "sorry, attacked you by accident" but he kept attacking, and killed me. I was thinking what a bastard, I went back out there and relized he was a npc lol. At that time, I didnt' realize that npc's could wear social clothes heh.

    And also wondering why everyone would laugh when I asked "Whats a wompah"
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    Oh man I remember when Xaielao sold me my first my first 'high' ql Mausser. I was 25 and managed to put on a ql 49 mausser without wrangles. Man I thought I was uber. Hehehe.

    He sold it to me for 5k and I remember hesitating to hit the accept button because it was all the money I had in the world.
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    The first thing that got me hooked..

    It was in beta4, my little level 8 male Solitus Soldier with long black hair, powdered face and black lipstick, I've completely forgotten his name.

    I didn't know about whompas back then, and thought I'd look at how the other great city was. Omni Entertainment. Using the quite useless ingame map, I looked at it, trying to see which route I needed to go.

    So then I set out, Solar Assaultrifle in hand, metaplast pants and my awesome ql 2 steelribbed helmet which I thought (and still think) was the best-looking helmet there was, ok I like the looks on Primus more, but they're shaped in the same way.

    I head out from Rome Blue and run.. I run for atleast 15 minutes, coming to the vicinity of the minibulls in Galway County, and it goes dark! The sun sets! I could hardly see! I see lots of things moving around and they're completely blood-red. I'm scared, really scared! My heart is racing, the adrenaline is pumping. Will they attack? Will they leave me be? I run around there, trying to stay waaay out of their way for a good hour, not finding my way in the darkness. It's becoming brighter, "the sun's coming up" I think to myself. And I'm running around there, I cross a hill and once I'm at the top of it the music begins playing - bagpipes, the first light of day hits my powdered face, I notice there are not one, but two suns and I just stand, watching in awe at the amazing sunrises.

    I'm getting this game. I thought to myself. I definitely am getting this game.
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    what hooked me?

    1 thing in certain, and that's the people, if it wasn't for the very good friends I'd prolly quit along time ago...

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    Line and Sinker.

    I actually found myself getting hooked over and over again by different aspects of the game. Lightning storms, Huge monsters (Hammerheads to be precise), and my first glimpse of an enormous 150+ hammer-wielding Atrox Doctor! Too cool!

    The wonderful thing about being a n00b is a combination of mystery and suspense. One mission in particular set the hook even further. I rolled it in Rome and the mission was in a place called Stret West Bank. I had no idea where this place was nor how to get there, so I was forced to use the strategy guide and online-maps to find the appropriate zone.

    I ended up taking the whompah from Omni-Ent to 2HO, 2HO was accross the river from the mission indicator. so, I figured, what the hell...I'll just swim across. Nope! An enhanced Shark ended that trip real quick. Reclaim, run back to 2HO. Now, I did realize this was a PvP zone but that just added to the suspense. But, being a n00b I did n00b things. "Hey, there's a couple of higher level guys. Maybe they can help me?" Hmm...clanners. Hello reclaim!

    Well, maybe I can reason with them. Afterall, I don't wanna fight, just get to my mission. So I step out of the whompah into 2HO again. "HELLO OVER THERE! I'M THE GUY YOU JUST KILLED. CAN YOU HELP ME FIND MY MISSION?" They /shout for me to come over to, well, I trust them. I slide my bar to FullDef so I won't counter-attack them, run over and sit down (just to prove I don't wanna fight). One laughs at me, the other is very helpful. He say's there's a ferry to the north that'll take me to Stret West Bank. "Thanks alot" & I'm off to the ferry.

    After arriving in Stret West Bank, I notice that I'm surrounded by DEEP RED Gofle's. WTF is a Gofle and will it aggro on sight? I dunno, it's to dark to see clearly. Better stear around them. The combination of red mobs everywhere and vaguely informative strategy guide,leads me on a 2-hour trek across unknown territory. All the time having the yellow indicator on my compass. If I die, I end up in Omni-Ent to start all over again. Talk about suspenseful challenge!

    Anyway, the red mobs get thicker and thicker the closer to my mission I get. The cave enterance was on the side of a hill. Of course, I screw up and fall half-way down the mountain and land next to a blood-red snake. aggro. Whew!

    So, I make it in the mission and complete it. Not too difficult. So, now I have to make it back home. Oh God, here we go again. Wait a minute, what is that to the south? I Trek through more red mobs and Omni Outpost! AH! With a save terminal even! There is a God. (SAVE)

    Ok, the river is to the south. I start to run about 50 yards and wouldn't you know it, there's the ferry back to 2HO. I could have saved 2-hours running through the wilderness if I would have gone north from the ferry instead of west! Sheesh.

    Well, to make an already long story short, I made it home safely...with my brand new uber loot:

    A blue-jean trenchcoat. Awesome!!
    At Midnight, All the Agents...

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    I heard about AO just before its release. I was unnable to play it from where I was, so I forgot about it for several months when I asked a friend if they had heard of it. They said it was bugged and total crap... So more months when on then I saw the 7 day free trail and I Remembered! Holy Crap I wanted to play that!.

    I started it up thinking, Oh yea.. I got this down.. I played EQ 2 years ago.. no problem...

    The very first thing I notice is the newbie pen, this little creature on the ground with the name "Leet" over it's head. I think "oh God.. some moron named himself leet.. what a loser." then I saw about 2 or 3 more of them, and I realised it was a prank name for a mob, I knew things would get better.

    So thus started my new Agent, with a green cloak, and a 2h Blunt staff.. I was determined to be a master staff user. Until I realised, "Hey, it's the future, I want a laser rifle!"

    I found me a Rusty OT Anti-Cyborg Rifle, and ventured into OMNI-Entertainment... I must have wandered arround for 20 minutes without finding anyone.

    It wasnt until about level 15 that someone walked up to me, when I had gotten lost out in lush fields, and ended up at the resort. They asked "what the hell kind of agent are you?"
    I was given my first Stigma Rifle, and schooled in the way of being a real agent.

    I thoght I knew that area like the back of my hand now, he told me to follow him back West into Omni-Trade, he flew off and i ran west.. I saw the outpost I thought I came from.. only it looked a bit different... Ah.. no problem I thought. I found a ferry that looked like it went right to the shore of Omni Trade... But.

    --PLEASANT MEDOWS-- The sign read... it was night, raining hard, lightning crashing all arround.. Pleasant Medows my ass! I returned back across the lake, and headed North until I saw my first Hammer. "You've got to be kidding me!" I said to myself... then CHOMP.

    I'll always remember that day.

    Nvitrius "Veteran OT Nano-Pimp" level 150 RK2

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    The one thing that gets me every time is standing out side of NLD outpost at night and looking up. Totally amazing.

    OK, two things. Looking at the horizon for the first minute or so of sunrise.
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    Wondering what those meatballs in the air where, untill I found out that being an MP I had a pet

    First time I left the Newland backyard it took me over an hour of wandering around to find back the backyard entrance I thought Newland City was huge.

    Whompas? Never heared of them. My first mission in the junkyard in Wartorn Valley I ran all the way from Newland City. Took me 3 runs to get there in one piece.

    I remember my first mission in Upper Stret West, near the temple. It was a clear night when I arrived and all 3 moons where in the sky. It was so beautifull I sat there for a while, just looking at the night sky.

    Yes, the excitement of exploring and running around, dangers everywhere and without the upgrades of course not visible on the map. I still run through a couple of zones sometimes, just for the kick of it.

    Moving from Newland to Bor and the friends I found in and out of my first (and so far only) guild. Some people that where only on when it was early morning for me, just in time to do one last mission before they went to bed.

    Lots of things got me hooked, but I think most important are the friends I found.
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    G4TV is what hooked me. There is a show called "Portal" on G4 and I was able to see alot of Rubi-Ka before I decided to try it out.

    I downloaded the Free Trial and was hooked immediately. This game has it all. The main thing that keeps me playing is the RP and the great community of players and friends that I have met online. The 4 year story was also very intriguing as well..

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