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Thread: Is the 5% last attack hour worth it?

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    Is the 5% last attack hour worth it?

    I understand the point funcom wanted to make with this one hour 5% zone....allowing guilds of the same side to set a dispute in arms in case of both would desagree on land control...but...

    Ethically no guild will attack the same side as they would be pointed out by their community and in the wars history i have no remembering of a guild of the same side volontarely attacking another guild. They always did it unintentially because of helping another guild defending their base against oponents in the 5% time frame.

    So not only this time frame is useless because of common moral agreements between guilds of the same side, but it works contrarely as intended, as it hinders other guilds to help defend a base in this time frame, as those who help are being "punished" for helping allies, as they get their own bases attackable for very long hours...

    So what s the point with keeping this rule, if it does not work as intended...or may be i m wrong and the intention was to make the last hour the hardest time to defend a base...and the prefered time for attacking a base.

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    Given their lack of talk about any of the NW issues I guess we can take it at face value: 5% is just a time where the attackers have a serious advantage over the defenders... no more, no less.
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    5% is a bad idea, its very hard to defend a base in 5%.
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    Actually 5% rules especailly when it happens when the defenders have prevented you from closing with towers because of CC.

    I can understand your reluctance about it......but I think its crucail in the game since it ensures a chance of the tower coming down since it means only the guilded can defend....or the teams better get organised on defence and have someone from the defending guild there to team with.

    As for attackers be it 5% or 25%.....just means you have to be a tad more selective in your targeting.

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    5% is a nightmare for people with area attack like fixers and NT. I hate it..

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    I LOVE 5%. It makes things sooo much more interesting.

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    5% is worth it if you're fighting a high ql base that is owned by a small guild, thus the defenders can group with no one.


    Ask any omni who assaulted DB in mort 3 days ago on RK1, they'll tell you how much they didn't regret attacking at 5%.
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    The 5% should be moved into the middle of the 25% timeframe.

    At least that way, given the timing of the tower placement, and the fact that the base owners probably placed the CT is peak time for their guild, then it would make sense to have the 5% at the peak time for defenders.
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