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Thread: Comedy:: Adds & Funnies

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    Comedy:: Adds & Funnies

    Since i seem to have a tendency to get bored, i decided i would do something semi-productive.

    heres a taste of what i got:


    to get more goto:

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    hehe those made my day, very funny

    Also great drawings, always have loved pencil artwork, ever since I ran accross some that most people hear shouldn't be looking at


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    The post count is mine! All mine! Mwahahahah!

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    hee hee, /me got hugs

    Glad i could 'make your day'
    I'll probably make more of these, i'll announce here if any updates were to be done.

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    heh... those were funny... ill send you a /huggle too

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    Very funny! Nice work
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    *Edited to say "Hi Tristalyn! "
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    i have this feeling i've seen the name 'tristalyn' somewhere before... cant really remember

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    Great post...
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    Great addies .. :p

    Hey ..

    Great addies ..

    Made me want to make some of my own ..
    I made some humorous addies before for the Tir City Watch, but they're not around anymore ..

    Anyways, yeah .. Post if you make more!

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    I could see those adds hanging from the CoT buildning in Tir, brightening up the entire city least the buildning..and the minds of everyone walking by
    *stops dreaming and goes to stand in the ooze of smoke coming from one of the many pipes in Tir*

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    Hehe, nice work Scrawneh. Can't wait to see more.
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