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Thread: Rings with GA?

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    Rings with GA?

    I thought you could wear rings with GA? Is there a trick to it? Doesnt work for me :?

    Is there a list somewhere of all itmes you can use with GA out there somewhere?

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    You can wear IQ rings, but you can wear corroded rings. There might be others you can wear, but I can't remember.
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    Yeah I cant wear my 6% IQ ring or a Augmented OT Ring. Any know wha you CAN wear besides shades & skinchips?

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    rings that are on you when you cast GA I believe, stay on.

    this was a concession to IQ rings and the like that could not be unworn.
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    Nope, even if you are wearing the IQ ring before casting, cant put GA on whie you have the IQ ring equiped now.

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    go to, Jayde has a list of items you can wear with social armor (like GA).

    Note: some are profession restricted, some not in game, and some GM items, so don't expect to be able to use everything on that list.
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    The main issue here is that GA is a 'ItemSocialArmour', this means that only items flagged with CanBeWornWithSocialAmror can be worn with it.

    For example see IQ Ring, this has the flag under 'can'.

    This is to prevent those sneaky fixers to use things like a full set of armor underneath GA. Unfortunaly this also blocks many other nice items, but such is the price you pay...
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    Check dis out ...
    All items you can wear with GA...

    Thx to Jayde!

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