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Thread: Are you a potential mobster?

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    Are you a potential mobster?

    RK-Mafia looking to expand!

    RK-Mafia has always been a decent sized Clan guild, sometimes large sometimes almost small. We have always been fun loving with a family atmosphere. We help each other out as much as we can.

    We recently split into two guilds, Untouchables who are level 0-120 and RK-Mafia who are lvl 120+. RKM does alot of Unique hunting, teaming, tower building/raiding/defending, PvP.

    TOWERS- We recently lost out large ql 150 base to the largest Omni attack we've even seen. Crowd control was in effect, but we jsut couldn't hold back the 7-9 Omni guilds that showed up. We are looking at new sites for a ql 200 base or another ql 150 base. We help guilds when they call on us for defense of their towers, or organized raids, and have had great luck with other guilds helping defend our base when we called on them.

    INFASTRUCTURE- Many people don't agree with split level orgs, but ours seems to be working out great. We share the Mafiabot private chat channel for interguild communication. When a person in UT reaches 120 they join RKM. UT is kinda like RKMs training grounds. UT is very diverse in that it has seasoned veterans and total n00bs. In UT people get all thier questions answered and learn about towers, twinking, hunting, teaming etc. UT has a lvl 10 base (that can take up to lvl 20 towers) and they are planning on getting a new one, around lvl 75.

    ATTITUDE- RKM has always been a tight knit group of fun loving people. We enjoy playing the game as a game, and winning what we can. We help each other as much as we can and help the Clans in the war against Omni Tek.

    RULES- 1) We give away missionable items to guild mates. We don't sell them in guild. We get eachother unique items. Unique items are only sold out of guild when someone got that unique item with the express intention of trading it for another item that we couldn't get them. We defend towers when called to do so. We aren't allowed to be overly selfish.

    Our web site is here:
    With our forums here:
    RKM's roster here:
    And UT's roster:

    For RK-Mafia please contact Elektro, Rhyz, Whomper, Kourena, Kourdump, or Ankokujin and let them know you are interested in joining us! We also like to team and talk to new recruits to see if they are a right fit for us.

    For Untouchables please contact Immunize, Horsepower, Motherjones, or Tiggyb and let them know you are interested!

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    That's right, still lookin for potential mafiosos.

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