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Thread: Making PvP Optional

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    I could go along with the idea of not losing xp from a PvP fight. He's right, you don't PvP to gain xp, so why lose it? It could be exploited, though. "Hey bud, the area outside this mission has lots of red mobs. How about you kill me to make sure I get back safely?"

    The other idea of creating a character that will never do PvP... maybe. But only if that char is barred from entering any land control areas or any zones that have less than 75% gas. Otherwise, such characters would be the ultimate spies, and would just add to lag in battles. Even in that case, it could be a problem if FunCom ever wants to change the gas in an existing area. Your character could log out in a 75% zone, but log back in to a 25% zone.
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    you have the option of not going to pvp zones. or playing a different game.

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    Originally posted by Noer
    When "entering 25% zone" pops up on the screen you have the option to go back. There are like 95% of the other zones you can go to without worrying about getting attacked.
    Not only that, but it gives you a PvP timer so you know how much time you have to get out of range of anyone to avoid PvP.

    I hate how the removal of 25% zones and 0% zones have made people not even understand them anymore... It would be nice if things returned to the way they were, when more areas were PvPable.... at least then you wouldn't have so many people hugging the 75% suppression line of bases that are 25%.... It's so boring to have to stand defending a base, when 20 attackers stand in 75% for an hour.... all it manages to do is waste everyones time who is there... both attackers and defenders.

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    Imagine the whining from this guy pre-grace period.
    lol, gg


    Making PvP Optional
    Its as close to optional as it could be, without removing it altogether.
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    It amazes me that people manage to even get missions in MMD, especially the people "anti pvp".

    99% of the zones are not 0/5/25% in this game, get a mission somewhere else, adjust your mission settings etc. If you pull a mission in a 25% zone , especially in a hotspot like MMD, you should take the possibility of PVP into account.
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    The way i see it your askin to get attacked if your pulling a 25% zone mission, expecially in MMD.

    Other people have said it and ill say it again, AO's pvp switch is not going into those zones. When I was a lowbie and didnt pvp I kept myself away from those areas, expecially after I hit lvl 75.
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