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Thread: Making PvP Optional

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    Making PvP Optional

    Since I'm tired of trying to go to missions in MMD and getting ganked by title farming jerkoffs, I'd like to know how many of you think this SHOULD be a viable option (And no, not going to MMD is not viable. That's BS. I pay to play, I expect to enjoy my time playing it).

    Simply make it so that, during character creation, you can turn PvP on or off. This option can then NEVER be changed. You will either ALWAYS be PvPable or not.

    I was actually out in BS (had this done in MMD, too) and got ganked on my way to a mission. Complete and utter BS. Of course the arses of Arks they have won't do jack because it's a `pvp area and it's reasonably expected that you will get attacked!`.

    Sorry, Funcom. That is NOT proper customer service to basically tell me to f**k off and go elsewhere.

    I choose not to play the PvP portion of this area. You need to make one of two changes.

    Make PvP optional, or stop offering missions in PvP areas. This is completely unacceptable. I lost over 150k XP (that's a good hour of playing for me) because one small minded child that to bump his title to freshman.

    Fix this, or face MORE lost customers. Not everyone is jobless and has 12 hours a day to spend making an `uber` character to go gank others for titles (WTH do titles do anyway? Certainly make me just laugh).
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    Here's an addendum to that.

    XP should not be lost if you die to a PvP fight. ESPECIALLY AN UNPROVOKED ONE!

    I don't like seeing an hour of my effort go down the sh@!er because of garbage like that. I don't get XP for knocking over another player.. then I shouldn't lose it.

    There's TWO changes for you!

    One more customer who is getting less and less enjoyment out of game. (How many are there now? )

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    When "entering 25% zone" pops up on the screen you have the option to go back. There are like 95% of the other zones you can go to without worrying about getting attacked.
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    Originally posted by Noer
    When "entering 25% zone" pops up on the screen you have the option to go back. There are like 95% of the other zones you can go to without worrying about getting attacked.
    translated: "suck it down"
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    Not to mention, how are you going to code that? How can you determine someone's intentions through code? You can't, so do yourself a favor and just stay away from the PvP areas, get a new place to do missions, or something,...

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    What part of that being an unacceptable solution did you miss?

    Are you an undercover Ark?

    15 seconds is not enough time to step back if you're already halfway there and some ganker steps out from behind an object he was hiding behind.

    Again, that is NOT acceptable. In MMD you have no choice but to go to the PvP area to grid out, unless you want to WASTE 20 minutes running back to NLD (and I think even then you pass through another PvP area where other gankers hang out).

    Fix for that would be to put the Grid in a Non-PvP area. Kinda stupid to put it in the PvP area. Makes it impossilble to grid out if you grid there (purposely or accidentally, I have been lag-dropped on the MMD grid)

    PvP needs to be optional. Not everyone plays this game for the PvP portion of it because we don't have the time to make super-characters to crash all the new players and get a title that does ZILCH. "Hey, look. I'm Rookie (Username). I gank n00bz cuz I have this ereet title! WOW! Took me an hour to farm it off n00bz going to missions!"

    Here's the worse part. I'm an unarmed doctor. So, not only was he blatantly farming (should be against the rules), he was being blatantly cheap about it, too.

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    How would I code that?

    Well, in simple terms (for those of you who don't code):

    if(_isPVPEnabled('player')) {
    var CanBeAttacked = True;
    } else {
    var CanBeAttacked = False;
    DisplayChatMessage('User is PVP-Disabled');

    Granted, it's more in-depth then that, but not to much beyond that. Most of their system relies on databases. Such a thing would be nearly trivial. Create it, and pop the option next time someone logs in with an existing account with *3* confirm dialogs.

    Seriously, if this game were based on a scripting language, I could add such a thing in my sleep.

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    Let me expand further

    With any database, it's based on ease of modification.

    Lets say, for instance, Funcom's character table has only seven fields (HAHAHAHA!)

    CharacterSize (tell, medium short, heavy (fat!), skinny, etc)
    CharacterPVPEnabled (yes, no or 1,0 where 1 is true and 0 is false)

    During login, we execute the following query:

    SELECT * FROM CharacterTable WHERE MainUsername = 'PlayerMainAccount' AND Password = 'PlayerMainPassword' AND CharacterName = 'TheCharaterSelectedOnLogin';

    We get 1 result. the character we logged in as (BobTheKiller)

    Let's say BobTheKiller is PVP Disabled (CharacterPVPEnabled = 'no'

    BobTheKiller enters a PVP area that BobTheGanker is camping trying to title farm. BobTheGanker tabs BobTheKiller and closes in. He pouts as the message 'Player is PVP Disabled. Attack not started...'

    That's terribly difficult to code. Not.


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    Imagine the whining from this guy pre-grace period.
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    Imagine maturity being common on AO.

    FYI, this is a valid complaint. This is not whining. Funcom makes it a point not to respond to it's customer base, but I figure'd I'd give it a try.

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    To be honest, I think many will regret to choose pvp not enabled after NW... What if youve lvled your char to 200? do you really have much else to do than pvp? I mean, you might change mind, permanent choices like that, to neglect one part of the game is dumb. If you enter 25% youre doing it on your own responsibility.. And, it is very possible to get to the grid in MMD in less than 15 seconds.

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    I don't intend to have any of my characters join in the NW/PVP fray.

    I probably won't level many of them past 120. After that, I'll probably move onto another game after I've tried every class in this game. There isn't much keeping me here, other then something to do when the day is crawling at a snails pace.

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    I think Funcom is justified in taking the stance they have. You knew PVP was part of the game when you signed onto this ride. There's a ton of zones out there where you don't have to go through a PVP zone on the way there. If you're taking missions in places that require travel through a PVP zone, you just need to be aware of the risks involved. If that makes those zones less desirable, then find other zones to go to. But don't ask Funcom to change their whole system, just because the game isn't exactly how you want it. They have to cater to numerous play styles, including PVP. Those zones are probably balanced against the risk of being shot by a rival faction, which is why you're so dedicated to wanting to go there. With great risks come great rewards, and all that jazz.

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    Just because I know it, doesn't mean they can't make some concessions. either that or a non-pvp based server. Fat chance on either those anyway. Just me venting after getting an hour of my time f*cked over by a no-heart kiddie.

    He'll get his. I promise that.

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    Originally posted by awpti

    He'll get his. I promise that.
    that's the spirit, we'll make a pvp-er out of you yet
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    Post Welp...

    I PvP occasionally (not too much at all), but I have a simple rule:

    If I want to PvP, I go to a 25% or 0% gas zone.

    If I don't want to PvP, I pull missions in 75% or 100% zones.

    That's the game's PvP switch.

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    You make it sound like MMD is your only option to do missions in; well its not. If you cant find other locations thats your fault, I suggest you try find other areas; enough out there. During my months and months of play I never did a mission in 25%, why? Because I knew or I found out where to go.

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    I too feel that PvP is already optional in this game.
    You pick the zone you are entering, if it's 0% or 25% gas then you have agreed to PvP combat.

    Having the ability to flag yourself for PvP or non-PvP I just don't think should be a feature in any online game - if you don't want to be attacked by other people then restrict your movements to those areas where you cannot be attacked.
    Sure a valid argument to this is that "I pay such and such and should be entitled to go where I please"
    I do agree with this and the fact is you can go where you like.
    It's just some places can get you killed others cannot.

    As a Clan player and a player who pays "such and such" a month I should be allowed to walk around Omni-1 as much as I like.
    The truth is that I can, however if I want to stay alive I stay away from the guards.

    Now if over half of the zones were 0% or 25% or your favourite zone changed from 75% to 25% overnight I feel you'd have a valid argument - even then if it fitted in with some land control aspect of the game then I'd accept it.
    I very rarely PvP when I don't or I'm taking an alt out who cannot really look after herself I make sure that I go to safe zones for missions & hunting.
    An old saying in UO used to be "That loot isn't yours until it is safely in the bank" and that should ring true for XP in AO.
    The XP you may have spent three or four hours getting is only on loan to you until you've hit that insurance terminal.

    Giving players the ability to play a game with no PvP or no chance of every being attacked by another player makes for a very dull and boring world I'm afraid.
    I was a veteran of Ultima Online, I played it for literally years and started playing soon after it was released.
    Over a matter of months the game was destroyed with the addition of a mirrored world where nobody could hurt you.
    People would just camp in the most dangerous places, collecting loot beyond their wildest dreams becasue there was never a risk that somebody might come along and kill you.
    The novalty of this soon wore off for a hell of a lot of players.
    You need risk in the game, there has to be the possability that some pain in the arse is going to come along and attempt to steal your loot or XP.
    UO turned into a world where everybody was a multi millionaire with regards to gold.
    The best weapons were kept in banks and buildings by the hundreds (they kind of lost their rarity value).
    Eventually all you could do all day was seek a sword that used a backwards icon that only spawned once a week and would sell for a few million gold.

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    1) you can get to the grid in 15 sec from 90% of the mmd missions (I know I have done it)

    2) pvp switch can be exploited... doc turns off pvp switch and heals away... or better yet, teams come into a pvp zone and gather right at the enemy, then simotaniously turn OFF the switch and kill.

    just not a good Idea,

    90% of RK is non pvp deal with it and move on.

    what I hear you saying is "I want a BS for lower levels"


    and as for maturity, yes you are whining, and you would be all afluster without the 15 sec grace period based on what you are saying here. Calling someone immature is more often than not an attempt at an insult, and more often than not it reflects on the poster more than it does the person commented about.
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    I would have to say that this is an typicall example of how an flame should not look like. You need to think things through and calm down before you try to write an flame... Im sorry but I would rate this flame with an 1. Aggression is to high, grammar and cursing isnt to well planned... Maybe he has an point somewhere in there but I dont even want to find it. - Centurion3


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    You chose to buy a game involving 2 sides at conflict-PVP is PART OF THE GAME!!

    I don't know what side you are on buy nobody forces you to go to MMD for missions and if you don't know where the PVP zones are you need to learn where they are and how to deal with it.

    The game has plenty of carebear zones as it is, and allowing sided players to escape conflict while in war zones makes no since at all.

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