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Thread: Tarabot

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    Careful John We've been through all those talks about different systems.

    I'd be happy to discuss possible solutions with you (not for Tarabot, but for perhaps a subsequent bot should one show up) in private, not in this thread. I don't want to ruin the point of this thread, because it still is important that people read it and understand just where they (the clan faction) screwed up.

    To all the whiners, don't think we weren't paying attention all those raids.

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    Oh this just bites
    Anyways thanks for a great job done asmo, too bad the whiners got to you
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    Thx to everyone

    Wanted to say thx to everyone who helped out with Tarabot.

    A long time ago I stumbled into the box room (didn't know it was called that at the time), shouted a few times about what was going on, fully expecting to have to fight these stupid ass skeletons running around all by myself. A few admin's who were there explained how Tarabot worked, what they were doing, added me to the chat, and even helped me join the raffles.

    Over time, I was able to help attack Tara, defend the box (mostly got rooted and beat down, I M A MA), and eventually win a few items. I met a lot of people, hate some, I like quite a few.

    The amount of attention and effort the admins spent helping others in so many ways just goes to show what type of people they really are, and for that I'm grateful to have sent /tells to them : )

    The whole experience has given me a great amount of respect for you all, and I understand your reasons for ending it.


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    Ok now i really belive that i have no luck at all...Was just about to enter tara and everything is gone :/ now i have no chance to get anything good in the game at all.

    I just want to thank the creater , u did great job by making clans unite. I think it will be stronger wins again so it makes me sad. It's really not your fault, FC created this idea and it will continue.Stronger guilds will crush the others , and chaos will continue as before...

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    Originally posted by Chanell
    Saw that one coming...
    Well i admit i wasn't at tara for about 2 months but i went a ot of times and never won anything.
    Of course, there are idiots who say aaron rigged the bot.
    But there is a sig i once read, which i'll never forget:
    "The biggest mass on earth is CO2, followed closely by idiots"

    As for the loot whoring...
    I honestly admit i wasn't immune to the "Tarabot sickness" as i like to call it.
    I well remember when i joined the 100th kt because a doc was needed and saw a soldier running away after a won raffle... wearing his new GPH...
    I felt anger, pain, all those feelings a simple game shouldn't be able to invoke in me...

    So i decided to screw tara and it's loot snatchers and took time for things i actually considered fun. (Which was not lvling... Certain SF members keep picking on me for being lvl 167 since they created their char and still being 167 now, that they outlvld me...)

    Thanks for your efforts aaron, too bad it didn't happen to call forth the good in people.
    Who havent You learn to deal with thouse feelings later tho.
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    much thanks

    nothing but positive things to say about all the effort you put into this Asmo.....It's a shame that it turned out the way it did. I just remember feeling pain for any admin that ever had to run a raid due to all the repetitive questions, leechers, and all the other drama associated with it.
    I'm sure you will be much happier without it and I look forward to your next project *hint hint

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    Re: much thanks

    Originally posted by esjaytdr
    I'm sure you will be much happier without it and I look forward to your next project *hint hint
    Next project won't involve loot, but there is definitely a next project in the works.
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    Read asmoran's 1st some more and got bored so skipping to my post now.

    Tarabot was there when we needed it, it let clanners as individuals feel what other people feel in the bigger guilds that raid alot and gave them the chance to aquire an item they couldnt get on their own , for that i am thankfull...not every "uber" item in this game should take a certain amount of effort in which the average player cant get it. Tarabot let that become a reality.

    However, some people not being gratefull when they should have been eventually caused its demise. Instead of seeing "grats" you would see "wtf" "reroll" "****" "lol" and from those people are the same ones that arent there when the going gets tough.

    As admin i only did it a handfull of times because i lost interest in attending pretty early on with all the bull going on. And i know exactly what asmoran means when he says it consumes his time...its not a pleasant thing to have to log into AO to deal with other people's problems then your own.

    To the admins: Thank you for caring enough to put up with all the problems, i know it wasnt easy for you guys especially when it involved getting in the middle of a fight to stop it.

    To SF: Thank you guys for being there for asm, if you werent i doubt we'd still have him in AO heh

    To asmoran: You dont need to appologize for ANYTHING, you did the clans a service, just a shame they didnt spend as much time thanking you as they did accusing admins of rigging bot.

    To the mirror: damn you look good

    To the afk'ers in box: thanks for *****ing at the people that won and did the work

    Free for all tara will be a bit interesting, atleast i wont need as much aspirin.
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    I was one of those who run events pre tarabot times and after strom ocupation of tara

    It was fun back there we had omni we fought hard what i liked about it it was that i only call people i know. There were alot less of us but inviroment at tara was more relaxing rather then whine and complains. If somene complains i jsut dont call them next time tara is up. If i didnt like Cobalt9 becasue he is lootwhore i jsut ignored his raffle entery thats it. Atleast when we did those raids we did them fair and we knew that only people that are here are in raffle. No misteriaminmission and just entering for raffle and if i win i gridout. No missijustgoafk in box room and wait till you do tara so i can get my loot.

    Plus we realy had some fun and interesting battles going when it was only about Apocalypse, Lost Chapter, Rebels, Storm and The Council, Mayhem and bit of Trinity.

    Tarabot brought the system that basicaly wasnt about killing the beast or pvping it was about going there set your afk in box room and then enter lottery. We with some friends have wonderfull names for tarabot like Lootbot, Lotterybot, Whinebot. Camelot we called Goafkalot, Lagalot, Lootalot.

    I still think tarabot had its good sides it helped those who never could dream about getting tara loot to get it. It helped us to get together and atleast kick omnis out when they dominated tara.

    But there si no point in it now. And i havent gone to tara for ages except when i went there we pvped abit and then when omnis left i also left.

    I am glad that you took down tarabot. No need to be sorry. I think its about time that loot goes to those who work for it.
    Two sisters practicing medicine on Rubika and Shadowlands Pomy and Julka.

    As a doctor i would prescribe you to use some common sense and a vacation to Real Life"

    If i ever start a new character in Eve i will choose a name something like "aieerjjnnvajjnasdio11e3".

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    aaronb, thanks for your time, effort and the wonderful tool that tarabot was. It has now played out it's role and is more cause of problems then of pleasure, thus it's a wise decision to disband it.

    Eternal Kudos.
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    That's a shame, but I guess it was gonna happen sooner or later.

    I only joined tarabot the tail end of this year, and attended as many raids as my time would allow.
    Yup I did fight omni a lot, died a lot too but hell that's why I went, for some fun.

    Your right about the whining and people not taking part in a battle or KT, then whining about the loot they didn't win. shame

    I think perhaps part of the problem was Tarabot worked too well, it made it far easier to co-ordinate an attack, to the point where some days where only a few OT showed up it was a case of hanging round in the box for those not on the KT.
    Maybe with out it only those wanting to really battle for the dungeon will show up, not those there for easy loot.

    Other days we had great battles, some days OT won a PF, then Clan would win the next, or not as the case may be.
    The point for me was the battles, even after many raids and all the Adv stuff I honestley wanted, I just stopped entering raffles for anything, but I still loved to come for the fun of trying to take the dungeon.

    Was a lot fun most of the time, many thanks to aaronb, I had a lot of fun, made some in-game freinds and saw my fair share of the reclaim

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    Thanks, Aaron...

    Tarabot was a great tool even if it did bring out the worst in people. Without it, well, it's hard to know when Tara's up, it's hard to get people organized, it's hard to satisfy the collective appetite for equitable distribution of loot. Thanks for all the hard work.

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    I was never much into hanging around Camelot waiting for an omni to kill or to win a lucky raffle. All that time just seemed to eat into my lvling time. Did strike me as being kind of unbalanced the number of people who were stood in the box room playing musical statues for hours on end.

    I fully support your decision to shut this operation down, and look forward to hunting a few more omnis there in the future. Hope you enjoy the freedom that this move brings you
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