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Thread: Conquistador Coffee Inc. is open for business!

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    Talking Conquistador Coffee Inc. is open for business!

    Yes, that's right.

    Conquistador Coffee Inc., the Purveyors of Rubi-Ka's Finest Coffee, is looking for a few good smuggl... er, employees!

    We here at Conquistador import only the finest weapo... er, coffee, and stringently test our fine products only on citizens of Tir. (only 10,598 killed so far!) We hope to be the most powerful organized crime synd... er, coffee company ever to arrive on Rubi-Ka!

    How would you like to be a part of that?

    All *you* need to do to join our fine corporation is post your application on our website's forum. The website is

    We here at Conquistador Coffee Inc. hope to hear from you soon!

    Director of Conquistador Coffee Inc.

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    good ad. best of luck to CCI.
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