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Thread: Clan Greed on Rimor

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    Thatone you are the best

    It's people like you who make some clanner don't trust clannet.
    In so many post me and zodo (thx) asked you one only little thing.
    And in so many post you just replyed "trust me cause trusting another one is not better......"

    When i heard you i saw someone so proud of the system that he will NEVER do something to change it or improve it, someone who will NEVER give a good reason for the system to be like this....

    Arguing with you is finally a lose of time.... (but quite funny)

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    Marlark gave you the reason why helpbot won't work. As he said in his other post, they've though about doing it but it isn't practical. I didn't ask you to trust me, not once. I asked you to try trusting the admins, which you refuse to do.

    I would also like to refer to the part of Marlark's post in the other thread on this topic stating that there were several changes to the system proposed that were to be adressed at that meeting. What happenned at that meeting? We didn't get to them because Nemesis forced a vote, lost it and walked out. Explain to me how that constitutes a desire to change the system.

    You have only one point which you have clung to, that helpbot would be better. You can no longer claim that. You no longer have any argument. Argument over.

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    Zodo and the rest that belives FC is behind helpbot.. look at this.

    CohnKraD 212 MA Nano <First Nanomage GURU>
    CohnCrat 220 Crat Solitus
    Cohn007 216 Agent Solitus
    Goodone 211 Engineer Solitus
    MRCohn 214 Agent ATROX - Mongo rage *nerf*
    + + + many alts
    Killer 93% Achiever 66% Socializer 20% Explorer 20%

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    I don't know where to begin, but i suggest that before you start slinging your accusations around you better check clannet points, Mister. Gaily Painted hood fairly hot item, yes? I think we can all aggree on that, i'm sure. Go check the points, people who have a boat load of Tara stuff are the same people who have been to Tara damn near 200 times, oh .. and that's only POST clannet.

    Oooooo.. and before I forget... if it is a 'guild thing' then i must be in the wrong one, and so is Lorr, and Arma, cause i tell you no one has more unused Tara points between the three of us, past present and prabably future(thanks FC for the great drop rate).

    So before you start slinging your accusations, try perseverance.

    Works for some off us.

    'nuff said, Headache now, Back to another round with the Notum Soldier, because some of us work for what we want.

    Xsurgeon, Chief of Medical Staff, pisspoor, gimp, Solitus, 0% tara loot owning, no title, Pax Romana Doc.

    PS oh, and i never once mention a damn thing about Nemisis did i know? In my humble opinion it's all the greed of a few, Notice once again no guilds or names where named, and although Clannet isn't perfect, not many things are*, it's better than Damage team for us non-damage dealing proffession, who may be needed to take down tara after all. But hey.. i could be talking just to hear the sound of my voice.

    Xsurgeon Sends.

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    I don't care which side it is, whoever does that is a lame ass
    /tell Numeric

    --:o IS NOT .
    [Khaln]: it's teh small and soft
    [Khaln]: BUT
    [Khaln]: I need teh large and hard

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    Before nothing im sorry for my english, im spanish and i dont write very well the english

    All know im host in clannet, is not a secret, i rolled items many times and i hosted tara, Labrutte told earlier, many friends of host always win, and host, well im host and i only won 2 chests, and it was losing lot of points, maybe im unluckly, but all the items i have i won it before clannet, i dont go to tara only 2 months ago, i went tara lot of times, and many with only 1 team (6 persons and sometimes 5 persons), my hood.....was diocj who won it, and give me it, and yes he is my friend, but when he won it, i still wasnt host in clannet.

    Granat, when some members of nemesis ninjaed tara, u still joined clannet, no1 banned u, we only banned the members in the ninja team, and u, ionic, bafman, and some others still joined in clannet, dunno why u say we banned u

    Arma never won one item in clannet dunno why u attack him, all the items he has, was before clannet and i can confirm it coz he was one of the persons who did with me tara many times with only 1 team, and with the oand i know what is the feeling coz i wanted hood too, and i know what is roll for one item u really wants and never ld roll, the hood he has was jdude who won it, and gave it to him......jdude could give it to CC or other oc member, but he gave to arma, coz arma came to like 90 raids and rolled many times to hood and never won, win.

    Zodo u said u talked with many hosts about one verify command.......well im host too and u never talked with me, the only person who told me that was Cz and i agree with him that, and told marl after...tell me which ''hosts'' told u that and who were in defensive, we dont have nothing to hide, is very easy what we do, we go to tara, invite people to clannet /tell clannet invite %t, all people go inside, we show the points /tell clannet rlist, we make the teams, and we start to kill tara, when tara dies, only host and team leaders can loot, they give the loot to one host, and hosts roll, but before we show one msg, every item has a number, cloak adv (1), hood adv (2), ring adv (3), etc........if tara drops one cloak adv we do /tell clannet itemmsg 1, we send the msg 3 or 4 times, we ask if all are in chat, and we roll /tell clannet roll 1 (the number 1 is coz is the cloak.......the itemnumber).....we we rolled all the items, we kick people and start a new chat for the next no have secrets, and we dont need to hide nothing, if host try to farm points marl can check who use clannet or no, and they can kick us, and if we use the clannet for other mob we have also one command to kick people and no give points /tell clannet noloot and we kick all (hosts self too) and no give points to no1

    Is very easy and marl did a nice and good work with it

    Lot of people say i ninjaed tara, i never did, if people belive me or no......i dont care more for it, people can say all they want, i still have friends in nemesis, and outside nemesis, lot of people trust on me, and other no, in my team i always try to get 3 person of others guilds, team: jdude, shizadah, me and 3 more, and i try to be of diferent guilds, coz i dont want people tell oc ninja and etc...

    I never say no to one person in my team, only when my team is full, i was with many diferent persons in team at tara, and all saw what i looted and what i rolled, and i never changed items....

    Zodo, jdude only won 1 chest, one gos, and one hood, and the hood he gave it to arma......plz dont comprare the 200 taras i have in clannet with your points, i have 170 tara with ninnfa and 20 with ninfa, is very normal i win some items, and jdude has lot of raids too, and lot of people who go every tara, 3 times every day.......that people will have more items then others....

    This war betwen nemesis and clanners are stupid, i dont say ''NO'' to team damages, i must to admit team damages make tara3 very funny, and diferent to the others taras, we can work together.....we dont banned all nemesis only people who was in team damages, ionic still join in clannet, and others will join too, people who is neutral and is away......all the people are free to do all they want and if nemesis want do team damages we cant stop them, why close clannet.....its like we give up with it, and i think is a really good bot.

    With this war we are giving tara to omnis, clanners in fight ganking others clanners in arena......why? if we can work together, is ONLY 1 tara..tara3 with team damages, we will win lot of times, and also nemesis will win lot of times, it makes a bit more funny tara, since omnis never come to tara.....this no mean i like team damages, only mean we cant obligate people to do all tara with clannet....its a game, never forget it and we are here to play this game, not to fight all time, or insult other people

    I think the people who isnt in team damages with nemesis in tara3, deserve to join in clannet, we dont need to banned, we cant obligate neither to one person leave one guild coz on mob (plz FC remove tara ^_^), they have friends in the guild.......if some1 ask me to choose betwen OC or tara, i will choose OC of course, coz people in that guild means more than one damn mob

    I try to be neutral, and no have problems and still have it, i hope members nemesis no hate me for be host in clannet or no invite them there but i dont make the rules, all make the rules in votes....if they say dont invite XXXXXX i dont, of course i will vote, yes or no

    Also dont think help omnis to attack nemesis is a good idea, i think that is worse than ninjaed tara, at least it is a mob, why we do daria, pvh, and others mobs with team damages? and why we dant do tara3 team damages? is only 1 tara......if omnis come we can work together....Dont forget tara is a simple mob, and no1 is owner of that mob.....we can do this is the good way or make a bad and sad war......

    Also think FC should make a msgs vicinity, and all can see what hosts loot, or the other people

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    Originally posted by Loxxie

    Attack during 5% he says......been on many base raids Bor?
    5% lasts about an hour, would take you longer then that to take out the control tower itself, not including the other 60 towers.

    if you really feel destroying our base is necessary I suggest you find a different way lol
    Loxxie...i *thought* you'd know i was joking. I have nothing against anyone, especially you.

    I understand that you probably are a bit itchy lately with everyone jumping all over you and Nem, and quite frankly I think you all are screwing up a good thing. But, please remember who your friends are.

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    well IM(very humble)O clannet seems to be working just fine. Since i have been prez of TheWrath (we are small...pls dont trip over us) we have made a few taras here and there. The beautiful thing was seeing two or three members attend some of their first taras and win the rolls.

    Now personally i have NEVER won a single one of my rolls at tara but that doesnt bother me in the least. the system seems to work fine for what it is meant to do. I mean, hell, my lvl 155 guld doc won gph and no one whined and it was a happy day.

    On the other hand i would like to see omni try to come and take it back like it was the first or second tara i went to. that was allot of fun and obviously the way that the dungeon was designed. damage teams seem somewhat lame to me only becasue in my mind no one guild deserves tara loot more then any other and almost any guild worth their salt could take T down alone.

    Just one voice in the wind....

    oh and bump to nin's above post...its on the money.
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    I am sorry Bor, your right.

    I guess after a while the hate tells, the snide comments, the nasty emotes build up.

    I am sorry.

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    K, havent been to tara in a week or 2 due to leveling trader to 100 =P, but i have been talking to people about all this, and agree with some points of many different arguements.

    I agree that~~

    -Although the loot is able to be worn easy at lvl 140, many people under lvl 160-170 or so will quit or retire there characters because of the huge time commitment it is to level a character up to 180+. I agree that a level req of 140 is way to low, and think that the requirement to be able to get loot from tara should be 170-180+ or so, which are mostly the people who wont be quitting because of the mass xp needed to level. Lots of the loot that teh higher levels need goes to lowbies who retire the character or quit the game.

    -With the clannet system we use now, there is no way to know if the rolling is fair, and no way to satisfy people who want proof that its legit. Because all of the admins have everything already (gph, chests, ect) i agree that it seems like the odds are favored to the admins and their friends, because there are people who have full sets of tara loot, and then people who cant seem to get anything =/. Because there is no other way besides damage teams, I agree that getting some new (more trusted) admins would be a good idea. (and no i dont have a problem with any of the admins atm)

    -imo, nemesis has showed us that clannet isnt "all powerfull" like some people see it as. Without clannet it would be chaos, but it would also be fun to try tara without clannet for a week or so to see how things go ^^

    and last, having some omnis around camelot would be great, but we all know its not going to happen

    Splitfridge// lvl 191 omni doc
    Splitbanana// lvl 110 omni trader -_-
    Spitfridge// lvl 53 enf (yeah he probably killed ur alt)
    Splitanut// lvl 22 mp (watch me solo your base)


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    well, seems admins has all, coz we go all raids, i went like 200 raids with clannet and with old roll i went all days, i had 2 sets from tara, but all was in the old roll, never had a chest, but now i only roll for chest or padded or something i like for me and my alts, yes i sold items of tara, but all i have i won before clannet was make, and i can send u pic of ninfa with lv 135+ with all set of tara......tell me when i won tara roll? in 200 raids i have............2 times, 2 chest, no more, i spend 200 raids only for 2 chests, and u say i have the roll to my favor? i think no sorry, i won chests coz is the only item i hood? i didnt win it, and yes my friends win lot of times tara, coz im in team with them i tell then ''tara is now, u come?'' and we come......they have lot of raids and points and is normal one person with 200 raids in clannet win more items then 1 person only with 10 raids...u also won some raids, and i dont say roll goes in your favor

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    btw why lv 160-170?, i think the items can wear people with lv 110-125+, we cant make our one mob, all are allowed to go tara, we did with lv 140, and i think that is enough, is hard lv, i know very well, i have some chars, and i can go always to tara....also if people made tara only for lvs 200........but think in the people who doesnt has others chars, need money, or they play the 1st char.......they deserve like all in this game go to tara, no coz we have big lvs deserve more tara or no

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    and btw :P......i think we have too much problems atm to think in lvs for tara, we have enough atm, lets try no make more problems.....when all are more calm we can talk again about lvs

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    btw, i said thats why it SEEMs addmins have roll in their favor, wasent saying that i thought that.

    and regarding the 160-170 lvl req, ppl argue that the people under those levels arent dedicated to the characters and the game, therefore shouldnt be favored in getting loot before the people who have spent the time leveling for a long time.
    Splitfridge// lvl 191 omni doc
    Splitbanana// lvl 110 omni trader -_-
    Spitfridge// lvl 53 enf (yeah he probably killed ur alt)
    Splitanut// lvl 22 mp (watch me solo your base)


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    maybe admins who already have all they need shouldn't be able to collect points?
    Originally posted by Knasbollen


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    Originally posted by []D [] []V[] []D
    maybe admins who already have all they need shouldn't be able to collect points?
    bump for uber idea ^^
    Splitfridge// lvl 191 omni doc
    Splitbanana// lvl 110 omni trader -_-
    Spitfridge// lvl 53 enf (yeah he probably killed ur alt)
    Splitanut// lvl 22 mp (watch me solo your base)


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    u have all and i dont say to u to dont come, btw i will go the same to tara, if im host or no, be host no mean dont go more or less to tara, look diocj he wasnt host and he had more points than any1, but now he cant play....
    Belive me, be host or no.......i will go the same to tara, and i will roll like do now or do the others people......
    Btw hosts are the persons who go more to tara, coz they can make tha chat and invite people, what u want? one host who dont go to tara, or go 1 time every week?, who will make the chat? and invite people¿?

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    btw split, u think u deserve more tara loot and roll in clannet than one lv 140? sorry but u dont, i have many chars and i worked them like all in this game, and i think is more hard for one person who is his 1st char, who dont have money lv, than one person who is lot of time in this game, know lots and have lot of good items
    At least for me was more hard and i worked more in my 1st adv, than in ninfa, ninnfa or pryncesa, and was more easy to lv

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    Originally posted by Ninfa
    u have all and i dont say to u to dont come, btw i will go the same to tara, if im host or no, be host no mean dont go more or less to tara, look diocj he wasnt host and he had more points than any1, but now he cant play....
    Belive me, be host or no.......i will go the same to tara, and i will roll like do now or do the others people......
    Btw hosts are the persons who go more to tara, coz they can make tha chat and invite people, what u want? one host who dont go to tara, or go 1 time every week?, who will make the chat? and invite people¿?
    I have all but does that really matter?
    I can goto tara and do what?
    So you can say Hi you're banned and you can watch tara die?
    All I'm saying is if all the hosts of clannet really are not greedy why do they need more tara lewt when they don't need it.
    I've spent my time on buying most the tara loot which I could buy
    and not going to just sit in camelot afk while tara is being killed then roll for items when tara dies.
    some people don't have the patience like I did to blitz credits
    and earn the stuff I paid for with the time I've spent on doing so.
    because if I had every item I wanted from tara I would simply never go again.
    and as for alts...
    so you're telling me that you can't use the items you have on you main on your alt?
    sure I can understand for nodrop items,
    but the thing is there are people going to tara now with their mains that just gotten high enough lv so they can particpate in the action.
    not just someone who has a main with tara items and decide they need more for their alts.
    Originally posted by Knasbollen


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    and No I'm not asking for a ban lift.
    why? because I simply just don't give a ****
    and if I offended you, good because I still don't give a ****.
    Originally posted by Knasbollen


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