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Thread: When does the XP curve start to become really depressing?

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    I think it was 180 for me.

    All skills I need are capped and I have equipped the armor I wanted (QL 200 So8, lvl 180) so it is really hard to find reason to level more (although I know there is one, which is AMS/DMS).

    The good thing is that I dont anymore feel particular rush to get those levels though so I actually enjoy more about AO now and been playing with my little Fixer lately (lvl 124 now).

    That 183 lvl char is now mainly used for tower wars and to buff guildies but I expect that 150+ I will switch to use this Fixer in tower wars also... well maybe, who knows. I really like playing Agent in tower wars too

    Zarch and da chars (Agent Daquis is the 183 one)

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    I had my TL5-blues at 170 as you can see on ymera. I rolled a nanosoldier, power lvled her to 170 and <cencored> there I was again, 170! lol. So I decided to try Letah again and powerlvl her the same way as Firerose, and got her to 200.

    I don't think I have the strength to do that again.

    Vhir / 215 Doctor
    Nynke / 205 Agent
    Letah / 200 Doctor
    Firerose / 200 Soldier
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    Yeah I'm back, no need to ask your ebay-check questions

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    After 180 you really start to hit the wall, but then again, xp bonuses are higher these days so it cant be that bad

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    Re: Re: When does the XP curve start to become really depressing?

    Originally posted by Kaiousama
    Level 1.

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    i dinged 175 about 2 weeks ago.
    i think i made 168-175 in about a week.
    i am now level 176, & that mostly from primus/terius/quartus mobs & the occasional borg.
    the very thought of a mission will be reserved for when hell freezes over.
    Field Marshal Londino, lvl 220
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    Silly doc thingy Londina, lvl 175+
    She needs tokens dont ya know.

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    For me it was/is lvl 170-189. After 190, at least you can raise your important skills again. There is at least some meaning in getting the next level.

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    My Trader is 176 now, and the only times i do missions with him is when i need more cash for my low lvl alts.
    Then I just join a team, does run 132 wrangles most of the times and pick up any pice of scrap that i can get my grabby hands on..
    I can normally stand this for 2-3 missions then i also shuld have about 2-6M creds worth of junk to sell in trader shop..

    I dont think i wil reach 200 in this way in a looong way , but then i am in no hurry..
    Char list:
    Discont 200 trader,
    Geiringe 184 MA,
    Tykkskalle 114 Enf,
    Vidsyn 114 NT
    Rightfirst 77 MA
    Lifegiwer 74 Doc,
    Quickdraw 60 Soldier

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    The TL4 cap sucked for me.

    The TL5 cap will probably be worse, if I even bother making it that far.
    Gunned down the young. Now old, crotchety, and back.

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    Trade skillers will have more fun at high lvls. I'm lvl 182 Trader and still need a few more lvls to maxx a few things so I still look forward to the next lvl. But it does take a couple of days now for me to lvl

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