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Thread: Aegnora, female fixer looking for a big clan organisation

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    Question Aegnora, female fixer(12) looking for a big clan

    Hello, look in my sig for my details.

    I'm looking for a big clan to join. I believe in war, thievery and hacking to take on those bastards omnis, but i also respect civilian and their desires to be safe. I also count a lot on teamwork for the clan victory.

    If ur clan have a place for a beautiful female fixer, leave me a message here or pm on rubi-ka. Please leave some organisation info such as the location of your "web" headquarter.

    Thanks in advance

    ps : btw, i leave in the pacific gmt+11 and play in the evening (1am-7am East) +all week end so it's best if the organisation is international =).
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