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Thread: GPH --- drop

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    I won't go in on who deserves what more since all professions would benifit. And this coming from an NT.

    I'm just really glad to hear that they dropped. I havent seen one drop in weeks.
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    Originally posted by Goode
    I won't go in on who deserves what more since all professions would benifit. And this coming from an NT.


    Who'd have thought it possible?
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    Thank you Archelan for your first post in this thread, it's the wisest reply (fun and so true) i have ever read in tara forum. respect.

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    THe point is that drop rate of GPH totaly messed
    let him stay in Tara loot but make it more often 2 drop
    here comes a lit statistics of drop
    during 1.5 month it drops 2 times (then omnies owned Tara)
    it must be kidding
    in this case I dont ever think that I will get it somehow...
    how it could cos tons of ppl needs it
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    Originally posted by Emiko
    okay that sounds a little dull to me, I like the idea of the GPH being a solo quest, but not the warping to a boring room. I suggest this.

    You enter thru SoM, and when you kill Neleb, a doorway appears on the steps and you can go thru, or not..

    when you go thru you are on a endless spiralling staircase in eternity, blackness pervades but the glowing staircase spiralling forever up and down..

    you climb up for hours and get nowhere

    you climb down for hours and get nowhere.

    suddenly you decide to LEAP off... when you do the illusion disappears and you are in the room with the Tarasque.

    Or in a very nearby room.


    Might be fun
    See, the problem with this is that this is a GOOD, unique, interesting idea. It seems to me that FC is incapable of thinking up ideas like this, and refuses to accpept them.

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    Well the hood is nice and all that.. Sure its rare as [beeeep] sweet, but not something that is needed to success..

    I was doing fine without it. But i must admit its made me cast my higher nukes abit earlyer.

    I dont mind the idea of letting "T" keep it as a loot.
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    Dropped I think 2 days ago, we gave it to guild doc.
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    Yes and it feels so goood....

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