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Thread: Oezcan-lvl171-NT-looking for Organization

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    Oezcan-lvl171-NT-looking for Organization

    Ok guys . Iam looking for a biggerOrganization(Omni)with many highlvl player.

    I am not the PvP freak and i dont have much experience in PvP. And i dont have Notum Wars so i cant support u with Towers.
    That dont means that i never PvP.

    I'am lvl 171 NanoTechnician with (uploadedNS2).
    good equipped (4500-5500Acs.) 5100HP

    The most fun i have is to team with Orgfriends / to laugh (j/king)
    and to do raids to special mobs.

    If u want me in ur Org then please leave me a message with /tell Oezcan.

    thx for ur time.

    EDITED. no clan Orgs please. i have 1500+token . dont want em deleted.
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    /tell Oezcan

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    just stay omni

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    Not in Adrastus anymore?
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    Ok thx for reading this

    nope iam not anymore in Adrastus.

    i enjoyed the time there.

    But now i am in a new org. with also very nice ppl.

    i hope best for all

    /tell Oezcan

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