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Thread: The major flaw with Crowd control

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    The major flaw with Crowd control

    Everyone who has been affected by crowd control knows its broken. This little post will describe the most broken part of crowd control.

    The crowd control system says only a certain number of people may be in a determined area. Something like 20 people from one guild, may mix with 20 people from another to create a crowd of 40. (now these numbers arnt correct, but the guild aspect is)

    Once there are 40 people in the crowd (and it may be made out of more than 2 guilds) no one from another guild may enter the area. What makes this so bad you ask? The answer is simple. The fights for land is not between guilds, its between SIDES!! Omnis fight against Clanners. But before they attack they gather so many people from a large number of guilds that none from the enemy side may fit inside their crowd, so no battle gets fought, you just have 2 huge crowds stuck shouting at eachother.

    How to improve this:

    Make a crowd defined by SIDE, not guild.

    There are alot of other annoying bugs with crowd control, like how it notoriously warps people to outside zone borders. Thats a minor problem in comparison, cause if the crowds were able to meet and fight they would warp people to reclaim instead.

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    Have you emailed FC about all this issues or you presume some others do?

    The more feedback FC get about this, through email, petitions etc. the higher priority it gets

    Else i agree CC needs tuning.

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    Not that this would ever happen, but suppose a Clan org wants to attack a clan base in 5%... What happens then? Side quotas would effectively cut in half the power of the threat to the base, assuming equal numbers on each side.

    But, over time, the controlling org could just mass at the controller to crowd out all attackers to completely block the attack via cc system!

    What is needed is game feature to identify Friend/Foe orgs to a base, regardless of side (if 5%). Then your idea of side quotas would work well. But under the current system it would effectively halt same-side skirmishes (not that I really care about it).
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    i think the system classifies every

    person attacking the main tower as attacker and only the defending guild as defender if this happens.

    least that was how i understood it when i last read it.
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