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Thread: Tutoring Skill Values

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    Tutoring Skill Values

    Can anyone tell me approximately what increases the tutoring skill will give at various points along the curve?

    100 tutoring
    200 tutoring
    300 tutoring

    Or anything you want to throw in.

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    I'm pretty sure its linear and not a curve.

    QL * 5 = tutoring skill required

    QL/4 = skill buff

    So essentially tutoring / 20 = skill buff.

    1k tutoring = 50 skill buff.

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    Yeah its newbie device with 160 tutor req or so gives 8 comp lit.

    If only all the other tradeskills would follow that or stay under it
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    if you go to and search for tutoring device, you can make it show you intermediate QL's and it will estimate how much it will give you

    I used this kick ass feature to find out what QL I can use, which is QL 135 for all but 1 of the tradeskills, EE, obviously (which conflicts with shining tutoring)

    also you can do /tell itemsbot search 117 nano prog tutoring

    and it will show you a QL 117 version you can click on
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    So essentially they made the skill moot.

    You can raise all your skills 50 points cheaper than you can raise tutor to 1000.

    Can we get a comment from the desing team about this.

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    the intent of tutoring wasnt so you could skip putting ip into some skills it was for when your capped on a skill 30 points short of making an item and you still have a way to get just a few more points

    i use tutoring all the time to make some pieces of vt eggs that are little higher than my capped triple implanted and buffed skills can handle the +20 from tutoring puts me 1-2 points over what i need

    using tutoring in place of spending ip in a skill imo is stupid and was never ment to work like that
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    it just occured to me over the weekend that I can use shining/bright/faded tutoring and use the tutoring device, then quickly put in my EE implants, for example, and have the highest possible tutoring. So with a base of 450 tutoring, I could get about 830 utoring with implants and pioneer backpack
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    Indeed, Tutoring is a handy skill for getting points above your normal skillcap.

    E.g. with a QL200 Nano-Programming tutoring device, I can get +50 to my NP skill - and these days I can raise it up to 1220ish, self-buffed. Over 1300 with Advanced Symbol Manipulation.

    Look at it this way: For spending the IPs to get one skill very high, you can get a +50 bonus to any one other tradeskill. Sounds like a good tradeoff to me.
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    It was actually meant to let you help other peoples skill as well as your own (imagine charging for it, esp CL tutoring) but some nasty bugs were exploited so it was nerfed to fix that.

    Don't think it was ever meant to replace spending into tradeskills at all, esp since everyone has it green.

    What we really need is treatment tutoring devices, that would make up for the nerf-fix
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    Im going to vote for a tutoring treatment device and also for one that allows engineers to raise up thier nano skills to make big robots. Put those stupid metaphyscisists out of business. Oh i don't play an engineer btw.

    Do you have to meet 75 percent requirements on pets or you lose them? Why do engineers go with metaphysicist buffs? Why not just wrangle up the pet? Or do both if you have the NCU space? Why not just let engineers tutor themselves into higher pets?

    Oh and put tables and chairs EVERYWHERE as a nerf to them. And those signs on bridges over doors Clearance 4' 6".

    Why not take your world builders who spends all thier time putting up miles of fences to pee me off and making big rock boulders all the way around mission locations so you have to run all the way around them. Why not take thier drugs away from them and make them build practical thoughtful, usefull worlds. I'll beat them with sticks if you need someone to do that for ya.

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    Also Remeber That the Pioneer Backpack actually adds 150 Tutoring. Nifty item.
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    if only the bp's were gettable any more ><

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