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Thread: RK-1 Omnis: Why won't you fight back?

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    Unhappy RK-1 Omnis: Why won't you fight back?

    On January 10, 2003, there was a raid against Clan holdings in Clon**** and Mort. Word was spread around for assistance. Several guild presidents knew about the raid days in advance. It was planned meticulously... so well in fact that a Clanner sent a petition and complained we were cheating.

    The raid ended in failure. The Clans prevailed. But that's not why I'm posting this here.

    /me enters rant mode

    Why I'm posting is because people who had expressed an interest in coming out and sending guildies to help did not fulfill their commitments.

    I just have to ask: What the Hell are you afraid of, Omni-Tek? Why won't you defend yourselves? What will it take for you to get your heads out of your collective asses and defend the bases you put up so deep inside your own lands? Where will the line be drawn... Clon****? Lush? Mutant Domain? Omni Forest? Or will it take Clanners walking around freely outside Omni-1 to make you stand up and take arms?

    As long as you sit there and ignore the red dots on the map... as long as you do not meet the commitments you make... as long you break your promises... Omni-Tek on RK1 (Atlantean) will be the butt of Clan and neutral jokes from Mort to Reet's Retreat.

    I am a Martial Artist in an all MA guild. I fight to make sure Omni-Tek retains its hold on what we own. I may get killed easily, but I get back up and go back into the fray as soon as I'm ready. So do the rest of my guild buddies. Why? Because I give a damn. Because we give a damn.

    Do you?

    /me leaves rant mode

    I'd like to thank everyone who did come out to the raid, even though it did fail. Special thanks go to members of Kaviera Family Militia, The Forsaken, Omni-Mining, and Dragon Legion who helped make this raid happen. I feel honored to have fought and died by your side.
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    Yep. I'm back.

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    Get used to red dots.
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    There was some of us there from First Order too

    Made a couple kills, then got my butt kicked by everyone ganking my poor Doc It was all fun anyway, hell, I had some fun

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    why are we fighting each other

    Ok i have a major problem with what is happening to Omni, as i travel the vast world or Atlantean i see all kinds of people i always click on them to just see what they are about, well i have notice that clan have a major advantage in the xp bonus we all know why it is, because they control more land, if u look at the map on AO website u can see who has more land.
    Alot of this i happening because to many omni guilds are fighting other omnis guilds, the clanners have a unwritten rule they do not engage other guilds in combat the clans are after one thing and that is control of Alantean (and at the moment they have it) we need to come together if we want to keep the planet ours it just doesnt look like it is going to happen unless we change our ways, i know some clanners, and they just sit back and laughing at us the other day one of them came up to me and just started laughing at me finally after i got really upset with him he finally told me he said " just looking at the raids channel and u dumb&@! omin's are fighting each other again, hell we might as well just wait until u all take yourselves out and the just start putting our towers up, heck u guys are the best thing that could have happen to us hehe" well of course i said a few choice words and walked away and thought to myself man he is right, THIS HAS GOT TO STOP PEOPLE, we are all good people lets all get together on this and stop fighting each other and let get back in the game and fight the true ememy........ THE CLANNERS.
    I am only one little man i am just a member of The Blackhand but i dont want to be ruled by a bunch of CLANNERS. Thanks alot for listening and i hope maybe this might change some of our minds, lets kick clan butt and ruled Atlantean together. see ya all in AO Tavid 103 agent Vet of TBH

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    Arrow The point is not be to used to red dots

    Asmoran, if you have nothing constructive to add, don't post. K? Thanks. I have no problem with red dots on the map... I have a problem with them being so deep inside Omni territory.

    And I have a problem with people not bothering to help out, even when they are being penalized for being apathetic. That was the point of my post in the first place.

    I can understand if something came up that prevented said commitments from being fulfilled - after all, RL should always come first. Barring that, there's no valid excuse that I will accept.

    Come On, Omni-Tek! Stand up and realize that we're losing, then do something about it! Tavid is right; this inter-guild fighting is unacceptable and needs to stop. We've got bigger and better things to worry about.
    Yep. I'm back.

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    Asmoran, if you have nothing constructive to add, don't post. K?

    Now you ll make him cry... He has been working so hard 'adding' new 'constructs' on your heads. Shame on you...
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    I see what you are saying, and it makes a lot of sense, but weren't TBH the subversive organisation hell bent on overthoriwng Omni and who first started the whole killing Omni-Pol guards trend last summer? Had a change of heart?
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    blah blah blah

    sounds like an Albion rant on DAOC..

    easy answer..


    the game has gotten stale, no one cares, story is non existent by FC, ppl are biding their time to swg 3 months away.
    Umm.. yes, i chose a crat.. i know.. WHY oh WHY?

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    why are we fighting

    hey savoy, change of heart, not sure what you mean but i am only 3 months in TBH i am just speaking for myself not for anyone in TBH i am just worried about omni not anything else. I dont want to be ruled by clanners the only thing i agree with clanners is that they dont fight each other, so lets just all come together and plan something if anyone wants to help form some kind of treaty or agreement anyone can send me a tell, tavid (which is the one i play the most) or zapet. I am not putting anyone down and not trying to be some kind of marter i just want omni to get along.
    see ya on Atlantean, Tavid
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    Well with guilds like Legion in OT that dont attack clanners so they can keep there bases.. well then i understand wy OT has a problem getting people too raids....

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    Or maybe... just maybe...
    OMG, some people dont give a shiet about PvP! OMG!
    I know I dont.

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    Unhappy That's not news

    So a lot of poeple don't care about PvP right now? Whooppee frickin twang. Everyone knows that. Now that there's something that makes PvP really matter, people need to stand up and realize that they need to participate, especially if they're in a guild with a base or two.
    Yep. I'm back.

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    why wont you fight back

    well kelnic people who dont care about pvp dont have to worry because i wasnt writing this post to them, so i dont know why ppl who dont like pvp why would they read or reply to these posts that we are writing. SO why even reply to these post if u dont pvp i just dont understand why? Lets not be kinda crapping to people if it doesnt concern you.
    Thanks alot

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    here's a pretty big reason ...


    See. Big.

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