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Thread: Getting sick of supression gas change effects on actions in PvP.

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    Getting sick of supression gas change effects on actions in PvP.

    This thread contains a bit of good info on the subject. Read it please.

    Absolutely sick and tired of the crippled nature of pvp right now due to the recent changes in the rules regarding supression gas changes during fights. I realise that these changes were implimented with regards to tower battles, mainly the change of a bases supression gas, and the disgrace period when leaving a 25%/5% base, but the end result is that pvp anywhere but towers has been completely crippled to the point of near uselessness.

    To sum it up: Nearly every fight in the Arenas, Meetmedere, and Camelot involves at some point one or more characters crossing from one supression gas level to another without zoning *while attacking or under attack.*

    Current bugs associated with this are:

    A character who is attacked in a 25% area who steps into a 75/100% area without first initiating an attack on his/her agressor will remain under attack, but not be able to retaliate in any way. Pets will not follow an order to attack, guns will not fire at all (including specials), and hostile nanos can not be executed.

    If two characters attack each other in a 25%/5%/0% area and both cross into a 75%/100% area during the fight, there is a large chance (it follows rules, but I haven't seen any documentation of the exact guilelines) that neither will be able to cast nanos, or use weapons specials, or order pets to attack yet both will continue to attack with their normal fire of their weapons. This puts any nano profession, and any pet profession at a severe disadvantage. This does not uniformly affect both fighters. In many cases one will be able to continue using nanos and specials and pets, and the other will not. This is generally what happens when:

    Two characters initiate an attack in a 25%/5%/0% area, then one character stops his attack and moves into the higher supression gas. The result is that the character now in higher supression can re-initiate an attack with full use of nanos, pets and weapon specials, and the person in the 25%/5%/0% zone is completely unable to respond with anything other than normal weapon attack (not specials).

    I dunno about any of you, but especially as a pet user, this bug is driving me up the wall. It completely cripples any meaningful pvp in the majority of the game's pvp capable zones. Bump 'til the devs get this fixed.
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    Yes this is an unwanted and highly exploited bug.
    Players have always tried to gank you and if it didn't go their way they would try to run to the door and zone. It used to be they had to risk becoming rooted and dealt with but now they just stop attack and run away calmly.

    Please fix this it is boring as and cheap as hell.

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    Another bug associated with it:

    Roots and snares aren't considered hostile nanos. It's possible to walk into the arena and root someone, and your grace period will not end. You can walk out and they'll be stuck there trying to kit off their roots. Another cheap new method of ganking. I don't mind the ganking folks, but I'd like ways to fight back against it.
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    <Cheeze|Work> "downward spiral"
    <Cheeze|Work> instead of "uprising"

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    bump fix it now
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    this really needs to be fixed.

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    Bumpage. Bugs that need fixing.
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    BUMP! Any word on this from anyone? Anyone? Please?! ANYONE?!
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    <Cheeze|Work> "downward spiral"
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