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Thread: petitioned for!

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    petitioned for!

    today at the camelot raid in gs 1, agents killed of the omni KT doc and seems the rest either died or tried to flee and ultimately tarsque was dragged into the cave by tara room.
    The omni defence seemed a bit strung out and we had a few in sneak behind box so i decided to blitz past to help cause confusion for the clan rush.. some followed and chased me about so were not in the fight and i was talking with the agents so we could try to set em up to kill.
    As they had pulled tara from T room i could run about easily and keep the omni chasing me. During this time lizards agroed us all and so room got v messy which imo was good news. made it easier from me to cause confusion.

    then i get this tell saying please join chat and am accused of training by an ark...

    well firstly to me it seems train you have to pull mobs on people..

    i was being chased ie they were after me was not KT no tara and i wasn't going to be polite and stay close to middle when they tried to corner me so lizards were bound to agro.. so was no training in any form as nobody to train on..........

    secondly and more importanly imo is that ARK seem to think you cant train at tarasque.

    Everyone who has gone to camelot for a while remember the days when blizzaro turned training those lizards on KT and using confusion to take out docs etc.. clan people petitioned and we were told by GM that it is a legal tactic at camelot.

    I think that is a good thing as it adds extra eliment to the conflict..another tactic to use against the poorly organised opposition, as lets face it anyone who goes there should know there way around the game by now and how hard is it to stop this by killing the lizards off first. This is what we had to do for blizzaro was simple and easy.

    this incident ruined the whole raid for me and i had to leave the fight at a potentialy pivotal point to speak to this ark. Omni had control there but was plenty of both sides in the pf to keep things interesting for all and resulted in a long fight. which is what i though camelot was about.

    all this lame ass running to mommie to wipe your noses all the time and make the game safe pisses me is war in there so should be prepared for it... all sides have trained in the past and if your unable to defend against something so simple you need to go find another game. Just look how both sides get rid of lowbie ninja's ..basicaly ark is saying that you can get in trouble for getting em taken down by lizard AoE whihc is best way to do it

    what made it more annoying was i was at ace camp earlier with xp team while omni were trying to pop the iann and so we stayed out of their way going for teh N and S corners.. then all of a sudden i get tells saying stop training or you'll get 30 people petitioning your ass..blah blah blah..

    (argulace was more polite just asked to speak to me and said that the omni were worried we train on them, i was a bit surprised and was abrupt in my reply but made it plain we were there for xp)

    seeing how we were keeping out of their way i was offended and angry by some of the tells i got and was going to petition em back for harassment..some people take the whole omni faction thing too personal..folks ITS A GAME!!!
    just because i shoot omni in pvp doesnt mean i'm out to get them
    and ruin there fun here.... have helped alot of omni in the past taking fixers to get gammas etc.. so is maybe that those who were worried are the types who would train themselves and so think others are like minded i don't but but some of you just need to grow up a bit i guess goes for clan too

    so it seems this years new years resolution for omni people is to be paranoid about 'training'

    and before omni reply to this i spoke to bliz' while i was talking to ark and he backed up what i was saying ..

    this isnt a rant (well i was trying to mot make it one) about all omni and i dont want flame war here about what did or did not both sides are equally guilty of such actions

    but the fact that there seems to have either been a policy change that will result in you getting hassled by arks everyday is concerning..

    Maybe there is a comunications breakdown on this so ark do not know what to say and go by the genereal no training code of conduct thing to stop griefing but that means Ark need to be inforemd about this..

    as for me i have emailed FC hoping for an answer and am posting here in the off chance our friend who is back from his christmas holiday can look into it and make a sticky to post here so all know and can direct ark or anyone else here in 3 months time when this issue comes up again.

    see you at the next raid
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    Unfortunately some GM's say training is allowed some say it is strictly forbidden. So i guess we wont know until someone get banned.

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    Wasn't present at the incident you mention... but I guess they repaid the favor in the same way! Didn't see what killed me, but when rezzing and checking the chat I saw Omnis, lizards and ghasap's minions... guess the difference is that they didn't send in their agents, but their enfos

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    LOL, ARKs are lame, nuff said man.

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    You cannot train in camelot because the mobs lose aggro when you change room. Only place to train is in the Tara lair. If someone do that, they can be accused of training. Too many people think that blitzing to T lair = training. Its not..

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    Originally posted by Insida
    You cannot train in camelot because the mobs lose aggro when you change room. Only place to train is in the Tara lair. If someone do that, they can be accused of training. Too many people think that blitzing to T lair = training. Its not..
    I was on the kill team... we got trained no less than 3 times while fighting T. I finnaly said the hell with it and went to bed.

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    if someone did that did you not consider killing the lizards?
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    Originally posted by Slaggermulps
    if someone did that did you not consider killing the lizards?
    the one other time i've been to kill T we did do that.. no idea why the raid organizer didn't have us do it. /shrug

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    Not sure if this applies to T but...

    From Customer Service
    Training mobs on other players is considered disruptive gameplay / harassment / griefing / whatever you wanna call it. That you do it to defend your base (or attack somebody else's) does not make a difference.

    The attack ranges is a design issue, and should - if needed - be solved with design changes, not by changing (or making exceptions to) disruptive gameplay policies.

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    I received this email this morning.

    Training does happen in the game and will happen in the game.
    Training to the point of harrassment is not allowed. If we get
    complaints of training, and the training is obviously done on purpose,
    we will ask the person to stop. So, to make the rule a little
    clearer, Training that is considered intentional is also classified as
    a disruption and therefore not allowed.

    I hope this helps answer your question.

    so killing someone in the pvp dungeon with the mobs there is considered harrassement ..go figure eh

    am going to repost this so all know of this change of policy in camelot. however i believe the people replying to these issues are not involved at all with cameolt and its history..
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    Personally i think training is part of the game and should be allowed. If ur a gimp enough to get keeled by trained mobs, then it sux to be you.

    To the omni: Petitioning about training is pretty lame, its a pvp zone - ur gunna die anyways.

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    Talking GG

    gonna die anyway ?
    Funny how we win all the GS
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    no more blitzing Tarasque room :P I would be exploiting

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    ... yea

    ... funny thing was a little nuet NT told me i was reported to GM for training.

    I did make to box room once.. no KT team there, someone was chasing me and killing me pretty easily so I ran up to Tara and died underneath her. Figuring whoever killed me would then have to deal with her. Is that considered training?

    Other than that.. i never made it past the box room. I died several time trying, but hey, Pvp isnt really an MA's calling.

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    The irony there is when a lvl 20 Omni (or clanner) comes down to attempt to ninja loot Tara.

    Then we get banned for training mobs on the ninja since we have no other way to kill him

    Oh the logic..

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    nah dude you just petition andsay they tried to hide under bridge ..that'll get em warped from castle and shouted at by GM.
    even if they weren't doing anything.. lame.. but seems to be true.
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    i am shocked did the ark realy said something else then "i am sorry but i cant help you with that"

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    Bump for training. It's a tactic, not an exploit.

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    Training is harrassment, can't you read?

    bump for phonics.
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    petitoning people for trainng when they are just attacking the KT is alos harrassment but you are allowed to do it

    its a pvp zone you muppet if you cant clean up a few lizards how do you expect to take on tara....

    cant you think??
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