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Thread: Preorder Shadowlands today?

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    Preorder Shadowlands today?

    Stumbled onto this

    So I can't remember seeing anything about preordering trhough official channels, but is Shadowlands really that close to launch that we should start ordering allready?
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    Red face

    Dun worry grrl, they just trying to pirate money from people before game come's out!,

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    Looks like Akers Mic just wanna make some money before it is released, but how did they estimate the price? 299kr (about 35$). Maybe they have some inside information?
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    which is my country is ILLEGAL! "Under no circumstance may insider info be handed out to another person or public without permission" how could they get permission from something Funcom loves to hide?!?!?

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    Plenty of sites do that. You can preorder SWG just about anywhere.

    edit: by "that," I mean anticipating the release date and price of titles that don't have a date or price set yet.
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    Hmm Correcto (playing with peoples mindz)

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    you can even tell they dont have a offical cover on it! rofl trust me when it is ready to be lauched funcom will make a big party out of it .

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    BIG party than BIG bugz! Then 500 more people leave AO!

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